Best time to pay for feature listing on the Flippa?

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Can any expert recommend the best time to pay for feature listing on the Flippa? I am referring to particular time of a day, for example - 2PM PST, 7 PM PST etc.

I have listed a site on Flippa and thinking to pay twice for the list till the end of the auction. So, I will appreciate if anyone can provide any input.

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    if you have a good offer timing wont matter because buzz will inevitably build up
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    It DOES matter. The fact is it's difficult to estimate I believe.
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    Dude, if you got a quality listing, IT's GONNA SELL!

    Focus on creating that, ya digg?
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      Originally Posted by MatthewNeer View Post


      Dude, if you got a quality listing, IT's GONNA SELL!

      Focus on creating that, ya digg?
      LOL to you..I am not sure if you sold any site yet. Because timing is everything for a winning auction, not just quality. Anyway, I know about the quality of a auction and already sold one site for $25K. I am just trying to get some more from my 2nd site.
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    If you are selling your site, I would wait until the site start heats up ( and feature it on the last 3 - 4 hours ) of the auction (once you can tell the price is good enough to let it go). Featuring it would help attract couple more buyers.

    With that being said, I wouldn't recommend at what time by clock to feature it, people who interested will wait to the last minuet. if you feature it at 2 pm and the site end up getting sold at 2 am, even if you attracted couple of buyers who kept your site on their watch list, they would probably be sleeping at the time.
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    Thanks @onegoodman for your reply.

    Your reply make sense. However, I already calculated that step before making my listing live and my listing will get closed on around 2PM EST. So, nothing to worry about sleeping :-)

    Definitely there would be some specific time. Like it happens in good TV program..(7-10 PM is the best time for TV program) I am just waiting for some opinion from some experienced people who tested it on morning section (8-12), afternoon (12-6) and night (6-10).

    Actually, my site is the quality one and I should get good price and so I will buy featured listing more than once. Let's see!
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    I understand you calculated, but what I am saying, the sale will not necessary close at 2 pm , it may last for a day after that based on the bidder ( each time someone bid on your website in less than 4 hours to the ending time of the auction, the clock reset for 4 hours from the last bid.

    so if someone bid on your website at 1 pm, and suppose to close at 2 pm. once you accept the new bid, the sale will extend to 4 pm, and keep going as long as there are more bids.

    Last time I sold a website, it was suppose to close at 3 pm, didn't close until 6 am the next morning
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    Got your point...I almost forgot about that one :-( Anyway, thank you for reminding me. Hope you made good money from your site.
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    actually it was a really good sale, it crossed my expectation

    It did hurt paying big commission to Flippa, but it was totally worth it

    wish you best of luck with your sale
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    I suggest to feature it 24h before the auction is supposed to end or if you want to do it twice then do it once at the start of your listing to get some eyeballs on your site and a second time 20 hours before the end.
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    Just to clarify a few things: the auction extension is no longer 4 hours; we changed it to 1 hour almost a year ago.

    We've never published stats about the best time to list/feature/end an auction, because the truth is it doesn't really matter. The stats don't show a strong correlation either way.

    A few years ago, before we had saved searches and email notifications, it really was about having your listing hit the front page at an optimal time. Now, it's much more about creating a good, informative listing, including properly tagging your listing's category and monetization methods, and verifying your Google Analytics / AdSense.

    As for the best time to feature: we get the most traffic around 12 EST on weekdays. This means two things: your featured listing will get more views, but it will also be on the front page for a shorter duration (since this is the time when more people also feature their listing, and featured listings progressively get pushed down the page).
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    Thank you very much @OLechat for the clear answer and this is what I was looking for. New extension time noted!
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