$20 to $50 a day on YouTube?

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Are you making anywhere from $20 -$50 a day on YouTube or more?
Would you be so kind to share what you can about your methods etc

I have tried a few YouTube methods and none have made me any money
Actually not entirely correct,i did get a few referrals from YouTube through my videos which got me credits towards free clothes and jewelry.

If you can show me a method that can make me at least $50 a day and possible want to exchange my method for making money online.

Don't be mean Share and help others
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    Lol. NO!!!! Joking.
    I do make money but don't like working youtube much. I do it though.
    Your wrong most the programs do work though if you do it right. At least for rankings.

    Some things you need. Either some videos that get enough views to make money through youtube monetization process or like you already said affiliate, review or whatever to send them to your site to make money.

    How do I make money that way. I make a video and its usually a slideshow video. I use one of my affiliate partnerships that let me make coupon codes for my link.

    Now all they have to do is remember one little coupon code, like for hostgator its just100aday for shopperspress its shopper I think lol.

    Now with avangate they let me take it one step further I can actually name my discount. So if I make 50 percent commission I can actually make a coupon code for 50 percent off the product if I so desired which I don't.

    I didn't give you a step by step but I hope I helped some.
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    How many views you get?
    You can send the traffic to pay per download offers
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