How can I use Warrior Forum as an advantage?

by TramJd
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I'm new to internet marketing, well a couple of years into it, and own several sites and was wondering how best to utilize the resources here on warrior forum to make me a better internet entrepreneur.
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    I would sort the forum topics by views or replies and go through some of the high-quality discussions that have been posted here in the past.
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    Become an active member and remember, no question is stupid

    It's better to ask, than remain in the unknown
    I chose entrepreneurship over further education despite being laughed at by my friends and family..

    I recently hit the "RESTART" button on my life, read my personal blog to find out how I did it :)
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  • If you want to learn something new, read the threads.

    If you want to share some knowledge you have to gain a better reputation, then consider creating your own thread.

    Be sure to add a signature to help you get more visitors to your site. Signatures are very powerful.

    If I were you, read every thread that catches your eye. All the info will help in the long run.
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    Since a lot of what you'll likely do in the future also depends upon
    relationships to an extent (things like product launches), I would
    start actually getting to know a few people on the forum. I'd perhaps
    focus on those in your niche.

    People like working with and helping their friends, so I'd look for ways
    to actually start forming virtual friendships, focusing on quality more
    than quantity. Look for ways to help others in your niche. Start
    actual conversations with individuals.


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      Thanks for the valuable insight Willie. Question how do find those in my niche. Wouldn't we be competitors?
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    The warrior forum is an excellent platform for helping your success. From the simple - reading all the great information and signature advertising, to the more involved - lanching your own WSO(s) and selling your services, the Warrior forum really has the whole package when it comes to furthering your business.
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    If you have any problem or questions, ask here and be active.

    If you want to find information on particular topic, do a search and you will get tons of good info.

    Also you can help people out with the knowledge you know.

    # Product + System + Traffic = ??

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    Originally Posted by TramJd View Post

    ... wondering how best to utilize the resources here on warrior forum to make me a better internet entrepreneur.
    This may help you:
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    You can use Warrior Forums to network with other people, selling your products, help newbies, and learn things that you didn't already know. A forum is a place of networking just like Facebook or Twitter.
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      I would search the form for things that you want to know a little more about or things that can really help your business.

      If you don't find what your looking for ask a question as mentioned above. There are always people here to help

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    Fill in your profile completely. Have at least 10 posts if you want to mail for people who dont know you. Befriend to add to your list on your profile. Deliver value and contents

    Stick to it!
    The right person stumbling
    across your big idea could
    help make it happen!

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    Stay active here, but focus on a specific topic, and read all you can on the subject. Most people fail to learn or get going because they get confused trying to jump from one technique to another or buying one product after another.

    Good Luck

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    You can get your IM to the next level by learning differnet strategies from im'ers. You can also make relationships.

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    Put yourself out there, ask lots of questions, learn how to use the search function, and above all else...

    ...don't take anything personally.

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    1) Dont be afraid to ask questions

    2) Actually DO what people recommend to you

    3) Use the search function on this forum to find answers to questions that you may have

    4) Learn from the case studies of successful members

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    It may be counterintuitive, but looking for ways to help others is often the best way to start helping yourself.

    There are studies that show that it is often the explainer who learns more when explaining something to someone else!
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