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I have never created a video for marketing purposes before... any suggestions other then video tape something then just slap it on youtube with a link to my page?

Are there any sites out there that have editing tools to make a video like the one on this page Google's Undisclosed Secret - The FREE Click Formula!...

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    I have had great success with you tube videos. 1,000's of people watch them and I have no idea why.

    Now I am moving to camtasia hosted on my own sites.
    I will end up using a mix of both.

    i am convinced youtube gives you a boost in google ranking but It is just a hunch. the equation is

    google own youtube
    google loves youtube

    no cynics were harmed during the writing of this post
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      Are there any good video editing tools I should know about or is it best to just video tape something and slap it on youtube?
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    you could make something like that with:

    windows movie maker- already installed on PC;s
    screen capture software - Camstudio is free
    powerpoint - if not MSoffice then open office
    music loops - can find free ones
    a microphone for voice recording or webcam (microphone preferred)
    lots of images
    and a lot of testing

    It's not that technically difficult, but needs a lot of practice.

    Good Luck
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      Thank you so much.

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        i personally recommend using a record program that supports a hd codec like h.264 and then use sony's vegas movie studio, you can create some great movies in it...and its not really that hard to learn...
        also try to make a script before you make a video that really helps.
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          You could use Windows Movie Maker and just import pictures, music, video clips, and stuff like that to create some videos.

          You really don't have to record anything, you could use all stock material from various sources (as long as you have the rights to them).

          Frank Bruno
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