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Can anyone tell me if there are any decent remote tele sales positions out there?
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    There are, where, I don't know. Check Craigslist.
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      What about good affliate programs that are marketed by phone
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    Legitimate and I 100 percent guarantee that.
    See I did a major launch a few years ago on work at home jobs ect.
    So I actually tested out three of them and they had work, they paid me and I made between 10 and 30 an hour. Depends on what you do, the best ones pay by sales commissions but there rough.

    west work at home are the three I used.

    Arise I think was the hardest I had to actually get a LLC for that one. 300 bucks.
    Had to pay for the others I think too though for background checks it was like 30 to 50 bucks.

    I also had to get a different phone and buy a desktop.

    The beauty of it was though like with arise, the week before I would schedule myself.
    Lets say I wanted to work from 6 to 8 am on Monday and had something to do from 9-3 then I would schedule again from 3-5 and 9-11. Tuesday could be completely different.

    Anyways I can honestly vouch for those three and it was direct deposit on Fridays for each which was great too. If it would of been consistent with the pay at 30 I would of kept it and gave up nursing lol.
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    I should also say most the jobs are a piece of cake, they train you first. You don't get paid for that or I didn't then. But most you wait on calls to come in and you do customer service with the software you downloaded for the job. Sometimes the jobs had only three or four calls an hour. Jobs were like help people work there cell phones. Find user names and passwords for sites ect.

    Now the sales jobs were rough, either it was direct calling them or they were calling you and you had to read a pitch and every time they said no come to a rebuttal till they got so mad they hung up. I don't mind sales at all. But getting the phone slammed in my ear 100 times an hour is not fun.
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