How to Change Your Website's Info Snippet in Google?

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I recently launched my first website, using Wordpress, and submitted the sitemap to Google. I have an about, contact us and sitemap page. Since Wordpress(or at least my particular review-style theme) doesn't really allow you to edit the Home page, I'm not able to add any text to it and thusly Google is not able to extract any information on what it thinks my website is about. Because of this, whenever I search for my website in Google the little snippet of information that comes up is only the domain name repeated a few times and the line 'Powered by Wordpress'.

I thought maybe uploading a Sitemap would allow Google to extract the information from my 'About' page, but I guess not. Since my theme is review-style, the Home page is simply a list of all of the products and I'm not able to delete it just to re-create one of my own. Is there anything I can do to somehow alert Google what my sites about and allow it to summarize my website correctly?

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Jake Daly
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    If by snippet you are referring to the text that shows up under your search listings, these values almost always come from your meta description tag. There are several plugins that will help you manage this meta description value for your home page... the 2 that I have used and consider worthy are headspace and all-in-one-seo. If you go to, to the extend section, you can search for these by name or search for meta tags
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    Jake: While changing the META tags almost always seem to fix this issue, you want to be careful with which theme or HTML code base you are using.

    I have found sometimes that certain unoptimized themes in wordpress (and even static html) will not be listed in Google with the META description.

    The closest I have been able to come in figuring this out is that perhaps a poorly stitched together theme/html page does not have the correct elements in the correct places, and Google cannot interpret what to show...

    An example:
    I run a website in the "get back your ex" niche.

    I decided to use straight HTML instead of wordpress for this site.

    On many of the pages, I would have headings that looked something like this:


    This allowed a nice heading look, without being graphics heavy.

    However, I noticed that once I got indexed in Google, My META description was something like this:
    "------------------------------ Get your ex back..."(etc. etc)
    This was EVEN WITH Meta Descriptions added to the page.

    So be careful and test what works for you, sometimes the answer might be a bit tricky.
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    Since it is indexed by Google and displayed as per Google settings. When Google crawled the new page it will show the new description as a snippet.
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      No need for plugins - just add this to the head of your HTML

      <meta name="description" content="Insert text here" />

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