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Hey Warriors it's me again.

On one day there are going to be 100.000 computers looking at 2.5 hour 900 mb movie. The rest of the time before and after there will be nothing special: only a blog and a forum.

Can somebody tell me what server(s) I need for that day, just to give me an idea of what price range I have to look at.

Thank you Thank you

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    If its embedded media you can host it on Amazon S3. For 100k views of a 1 gig file you will pay approximately $12,000 for load balanced serving of a progressive video of that size with that volume of viewership.... an approximate average of $.12 per view starting at $.17 a terabyte and working down to $.11 once you go over 50 terabytes.

    Of course you would want to compress the video file as much as possible to reduce the bandwidth cost.

    Load balancing will likely be important with volume that high if it is over a short period of time...

    If load balancing were not an issue you could look for a host that would sell you 100 terabyte of bandwidth during the period you expect the peak and who would also provide you with a nice fat 1gigabit pipe to handle the traffic.
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