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by mmarc
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Hi there,

I was wondering if there are any free blogging sites like or blogspot that we can embed opt-in forms and Facebook fanpage code as a widget or on the post as well.

Would appreciate your help very much.

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    "Free blogging sites" tend to be a little different from "free hosting sites", Mari.

    With "free blogging sites" you tend not to be in control, you tend not to own the site yourself, you tend to be subject to all sorts of idiosyncratic terms of service which the site owners can interpret however inconsistently and unreasonably they like, and change whenever they want. And they do. So you often don't own and control "your own site", there, really.

    With "free hosting", you tend not to have any of these problems.

    Paid hosting, overall, is doubtless a little more secure and reliable than free hosting, but there are some good quality free hosting sites as well, which are better than some bad quality paid hosting sites. For example, if you use self-hosted WordPress blogs on free hosting at places like Byethost, 000WebHost and Freehostia, you shouldn't have any of these problems or restrictions at all.
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    If you are serious about your business, you should at least, at the very minimum, invest in shared hosting.

    We are talking a few dollars a month.
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    Free websites that were mentioned should not be the only source to generate traffic. If you can afford to purchase a url and hosting then do that so you can use those free sites to leverage traffic. Most times they can provide better sources for PR and pass on some link juice to your site as well.

    Those sites should be used for nothing more than leveraging traffic that has more of a sticky feel for your business. If your using free sites to make a buck then you will be at the mercy of their rules and could have your content pulled offline. That is building a business on shaky ground and may never really produce real results.

    I recommend using those sites to put up posts to drive traffic to your site if you can afford it. If you can't then when you do make a buck or two online then reinvest what you have made into a site and hosting to build on in order to keep it sustainable.

    The cool part about the free sites is that you won't have to worry about getting hacked and losing everything. The assume that risk for you which makes it the best business partner to drive traffic to your own site.

    That is just my take on it. Hopefully it helps...
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    I wold avoid free blogging site. They basically own and control you and won't let you do anything other than post entertainment fluff pieces.

    if you are trying to blog to make money, use a paid blogging service that give you freedom and comes with all the bells and whistles. Or learn to create your own self hosted blog.
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    Don't waste your time and energy on a Blogger/blogspot blog. Nor any kind of non-in-control blog. Get setup with wordpress, find some plugins and themes to customize your blog, then start marketing.
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