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From my blog:

According to Blogoscoped, Google are working on their own open source, secure, user friendly, fast, stable, safe, and easily testable browser - dubbed Google Chrome.

Blogoscoped received a comic book in the mail from Google - the comic book describes the Chrome browser in detail.

The browser will have non traditional tabs ( appearing at the top of the browser instead of below the url, an open source Javascript engine called V8, will be based on the WebKit rendering engine and will include Google's Gears project.

Additionally, Google Chrome's url bar will make use of an auto-complete feature allowing you to both search bookmarked/visited pages and search within websites ( less type in traffic for traditional dictionary word .com's perhaps? ). The browser's default page will come equipped with an Opera like speed dial feature which is quite neat in my opinion.

We will have to wait and see when Google Chrome goes live - current references to return no result. It will be interesting to see how this maneuver affects Google's relationship with Mozilla and whether the move weakens Microsoft's stranglehold of the browser market with IE.

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    A quick search in google for google chrome returned as a result
    also a post in the official google blog.

    Official Google Blog: A fresh take on the browser

    in it is present also a link to a digital version of the comic book
    presenting the browser.

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      Now this is why i am here
      up to the minute useful info


      You need to make sure you are doing your own thing that relies on no one else. Not even google

      I have realised over the last month that I cannot rely on anyone. So I go my own way and assume nothing
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