How To Start an Email List?

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I want to build an email list to mail CPA & affiliate offers to. What is a good action plan to take? I'd rather not spend any money, but if I do I'd like to stay under $50, at least until I start making money off the list.
So far I've thought of these basic action plans:

-Create a niche website, collect emails, give free products in exchange for emails, create large mailing list!
-I could also create an information product in the niche and sell it for $4.97 and pay 90% affiliate commission to get a large amount of sales, then collect the emails from the sales.
-Collect emails from current info product sales that I've made, if I decide to make a list in that niche.

Also, what is the best email platform for me to use? I'm looking for something with cheap costs while I'm still in the early stages, but still good. Mail Chimp looks pretty good to me because they aren't very expensive and I can use it for free with a few restrictions, which may be good to start up with a low investment, then switch to paid service once I start making money.

Also, I know that you have to build a relationship with your list so that they trust you. How do you do this? What are some good methods and ways to do this? Do you just send out mostly free tips and helpful stuff, and send out a quality affiliate or CPA offer every now and then?

I'm considering starting a list in the adsense niche, but I only know a little info on adsense. Should I promote more on something I better understand, but has a smaller market of products to sell, such as the Kindle niche. I have a lot of experience selling on Kindle, but there are lot less products to sell. I could get the emails of authors, writers, and Kindle writers, though.
Or maybe should I start an email list in a completely different niche that doesn't really relate to money much at all, such as something like weight loss, a sport, food, etc.
Or, maybe just a list for people who want to make money in general? That market is a lot bigger, but probably more crowded as well. There may still be room for me, though. I will have to build some pretty good trust with my audience in this niche. I do know a decent bit on the subject though, as I have done TONS of research on how to make money online in the past, and I will be able to relate to the people in my list easily.

I still have quite a bit to learn on this subject. I recently started selling info products, but the affiliate side looks extremely profitable as well and I'd like to get in on it.
Thank you! I appreciate all help and suggestions.
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    By the looks of your signature, it makes a lot more sense to me
    if you focus on building a list in the kindle niche since you have
    experience there and something to sell. Why re-invent the wheel?

    And, why don't you use your "Kindle Auto-Cash Formula" and
    use the money you make from that to build your list faster.
    The Listbuilding Club (join by clicking below)
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    Your using jvzoo have you got your product hooked up to your auto-responder?
    and as mbacak says you should work on building your list in the kindle niche if that is where you have the best knowledge
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    It is very simple formula, make an offer, make a story and a good headline. If you managed to get those in order you can sell as much as you want and build a huge list, the only thing that you need to take well care about is a quality traffic , because there is a lot of junk traffic out there, so try to get your hands on the right methods/ people to get your traffic which equal to good list.
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    Yeah, you should definitely focus on the kindle niche if you don't want to spend money off the bat. Don't expect to make a ton of money right away, not saying it couldn't happen but it's likely it wont. Build a site around your topic and stay consistent in writing high quality helpful content so your readers will get to know, like, and trust you. You can capture names right from your blog, make sure you tell your readers to sign up for your list to get great weekly tips which is another way to build trust with your readers. Don't give up all your secrets because you should save that for your product to sell however make sure to give your readers good useable content that will help build your relationship with them. Finally, make sure you don't bombard them with offer after offer after offer. You want to treat them right, just the way you'd like to be treated from the lists you're on. There's nothing wrong with sending offers to your list, just don't overdo it and make sure they're high quality and relevant to your market.

    You jumped around quite a bit in your post, just don't let that happen in your business. You need to be focused on your business and not get distracted by all the offers you're likely to get hit with through the lists you are on yourself. Stay focused and consistently do the things that will help grow your business and you will see success over time.

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