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When creating a presell offer for a clickbank product, would you recommend basically giving a product away which covers some of the topics of the product then basically sending the lead to the offer itself? Like, here is the process:

1.) Traffic sends the lead to your squeezepage
2.) Free offer to the client, they sign optin
3.) Client is redirected to the clickbank product.
4.) Lead can be resent different products later

.. or should step 3 be left out until you have trust?

Is this type of method good for PPV type of traffic?

Thanks for all of your help!
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    This is a good and proven method for many niches and yes, can work well.

    However, this can depend on the product and how close of a relationship you want to build with your list, but if the product you're promoting is an immediate solution to a problem there's likely no reason to wait.
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    Originally Posted by doctorgringo View Post

    When creating a presell offer for a clickbank product, would you recommend basically giving a product away which covers some of the topics of the product then basically sending the lead to the offer itself?
    No - I wouldn't really recommend this.

    I don't suggest that "it can't work at all": I think it probably can, if well done enough (like most things) but there are far, far better ways to do it, so it has quite some "opportunity cost". Compared with the alternatives, I think it's a poor method. For two main reasons, but both of them pretty big and important ones. From my perspective, anyway.

    1. It misses the chance to give away something that serves all the specific purposes mentioned in this post (and that's a really big and income-determining thing to miss, because it's a big part of what determines your initial open-rate for emails, and that's what determines your income);

    2. For me, that would be much too early to send them to the sales page. It would be about three emails too early (and that's a long time, in credibility-building!).

    I agree with Miles's point above that this can be niche-dependent, though. If you're in the "house foreclosure avoidance niche", your readers want a solution now, today, and if they don't get it from you, they're going to get it from someone else instead. But I think there are very few niches like this, to be realistic, and far more often the opposite approach is a much better one.

    Originally Posted by doctorgringo View Post

    should step 3 be left out until you have trust?
    Definitely. Otherwise you can immediately lose a lot of people who would have bought it a week or two later. I suspect that many marketers don't quite appreciate this, because once you lose them, you don't easily (if at all) get them back, and it's easy to fall into the trap of imagining that it's somehow "normal" for three quarters of the people who subscribed to your list not even to be willing to open an email from you. It isn't normal: it's a sign that you've either done something wrong or done something badly.

    Originally Posted by doctorgringo View Post

    Traffic sends the lead to your squeezepage
    Personally, I don't use squeeze pages, for all the reasons explained here (and in the posts linked-to in this post):
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    The only true way to tell what would work best for you, is to set up 2 funnels and try them both... and see which one leads to more overall sales and profits.

    I have 2 schools of thought about this, because I've seen it work both ways.

    First, I'm a big believer in providing an amazing amount of value, for free, right up front.

    Like, I often give away some of my best stuff, stuff I COULD charge $100 or more for.

    I give it away, then use email to build trust, credibility, and establish a relationship.

    After all, most people buy from those they like, trust, and have a relationship with.

    So, that's the way I do things now.

    BUT... I've also seen it work where you present your offer either right away, right after the opt in... or I even sold over a million bucks worth of an ebook using no optin at all.

    in other words, I went from the ad right to the sales page.

    Now, this was pretty early on in the game (2004 to 2009) and I think things have changed a bit... where you now have to put a little more work into it and build that relationship.

    But here's the thing.

    If you're targeting certain niches where there's a BIG PROBLEM that they want solved... for example they have excruciating migraines, or arthritis, or heartburn, or any other ailment that they want solved right away... then often times you CAN make a sale right away, without using email to build the relationship.

    But you have to convince them in your copy that you're credible, that you have plenty of proof you can help them, etc...

    Again, a lot of time it depends on how motivated someone is to solve their problem or reach their goal.

    If you're selling time management programs... there's not a real urgent need so you may need some emails to presell.

    If you're selling a program that helps someone get rid of pain... and you prove it in your sales letter, you may be able to make the direct sale.

    It really boils down to how rabid the market is, how motivated the person is to get out of that situation, and how well you've proven your case.

    In many cases, the relationship needs to be built on trust, and it more important than a quick sale of your product.

    So, it really is a matter of testing out both funnels and see which works best.

    Selling is nothing more than convincing customers that they're better off with the product than they are with the money they have in their pockets.

    and in some markets, it's easier to do with a straight sale... other markets will take some emails to build the relationship.
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    Are you planning to use personal branding in your funnel at all?

    If all you want is the affiliate commission now then pitch straight in with offers and go for the churn & burn approach. If you spend $1 on traffic and get > $1 out of the pitch fest autoresponder sequence you will be happy.

    If you want to actually build a relationship and sell higher end products / services in the future then you will need to actually spend some time putting together a sequence that builds on your own personality and explains why you're someone who's worth listening to on the sub niche you've focused in on being an expert in.
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    Fantastic question! You want to be natural around your prospects. Hopefully you have purchased or understand a great deal about the product. I say this because then you can easily create a microsoft word document sharing some strong value and information. If its a digital training of some sorts you can write about the first part of the training in your own words and give that away and tie a "one time offer" to your thank you page (I'm testing now between having the offer on the thank page or the download page) providing your product of the full training. Also be sure to include a link at the bottom of your word document then simply save this to your desktop as a pdf.

    Its all about testing your conversions. Thats one of the biggest things with paid traffic is being able to optimize your campaigns. Once you have people clicking your campaigns its time to optimize your landing page for sign ups. After people are signing up to your list then you need to optimize your funnel so it produces "front end sales" for you.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    I used to only send my traffic to the offer, I do not do that now.
    A couple of things I do now. One I make sure the person who is selling the item
    Has no way to capture my traffics email. Such as an exit popup or an optin.
    I make a landing or a squeeze page but the landing page will go to a squeeze page.
    I capture that email. I CAPTURE that email. yeah said it twice.

    I know I lose some sales but an email is worth more than one sale to me and I come out ahead.

    Now for ppc and cpm I will usually just send to the page since I'm spending too much anyways and I don't want to lose a sale. Banners are another one I will send directly to the sale. I never do this if they have a lead capture system.
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    Test them both...
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    Free product to get the opt in, then sell them something after they have to try and recoup your advertising costs.
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    Depends on the market/niche, traffic driving methods and the quality of what you're potentially giving away.

    If you have the chance to build a relationship with your prospects, go for it. But if the quality of what you're giving away isn't up to par, you'll lose credibility, sales and lots of money.

    Ideally, you should be able to GIVE AWAY a lot of free, valuable information in your sales letter that sets you apart from the competition, while building the case for your solution.

    For instance...

    If you're using solo ads and send prospects to a squeeze page, I'd focus more on hitting their pain points and leveraging your hook/USP as "the secret" they've been searching for.

    No free product. Just plain old, tried-and-true emotional triggering.

    Get them to opt-in, then hit 'em with a headline that paralyzes them into submission. In other words, be on-target with what your prospects are feeling and let them know that what they want is within their reach RIGHT NOW. That's direct response.

    If you want to give something away...

    Make it amazing, branded and offer information that can really change people's lives. It has to be something you could easily charge $47 for. But I wouldn't necessarily use a squeeze page for that. Just build an auxiliary authority site or blog to continuously build your credibility... and give it away there (in exchange for their email.)

    Use give-away's as tools to build your brand.

    Then use an autoresponder to tie your free ebook or guide into your sales letter or video pitch. Get them on the site by providing even MORE free information (in your emails.) I promise you'll get more buyers.

    Again - IF the quality of what you're giving away is effing brilliant. If prospects don't receive any real-world-value from your free give away, you're just demonstrating you're NOT an authority.

    My take.


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    I think you have it. Just make sure the page in step 3 looks good. Don't send them to a crap page or you do hurt your credibility.
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    I would recommend giving a freebie AFTER they have bought the product. you can entice them by promising to have a freebie at the end to get them to buy your product initially.
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    I have sent my email to squeeze pages but never buy anything from them.
    If their ebooks was reasonably priced and on amazon kindle. I buy only from recognized sellers, Amazon, zazzle, walmart.
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