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Ok I am into programming and 3D graphics. These are things I love to do. I don't think I will have a problem monetizing a 3D site and am not even considering getting into it at this time.

I love programming. I have been involved with it for about 13 years off and on somehow. Playing around reading books and tutorials learned a little but never got serious. A little over a year ago I got real serious and buckled down and learned more in that time than I had in the past 12 years. I am somewhat knowledgeable in 3 languages but am not a good enough programmer to start knocking out programs to sell and probably will not be for quite a while. I know I could do a good site but can't really find a way to monetize it. I could probably take about 6 months and do an e-book of tutorials on one of the languages. I was thinking of a membership site with tutorials and other goodies.

I just can't find any affiliate programs in this niche. Amazon but I would have to get a lot! of e-book sales to make anything.

I also was thinking of offering programming services and outsourcing the work. Not quite sure how to do that and I think I could get myself in trouble there. Basically I am a hobbyist and someone looking to get a job done could start talking some stuff that I may know nothing about and I could get in trouble.

Basically I want to work in the hobbyist/indie side of the house and I lean towards game programming. I have not even been able to find any PLR on programming.

I can do tutorials on my site but how to monetize it! Any ideas?

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    You can try to become an affiliate at
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    Being an IM myself, I feel that there is always a need of bots/software to help automate certain tasks. This gives you a couple of options learn more about IM and create tools to help just you and what you are working on. Another option is to create program(and sell) to help other marketers. But it seems the second option is out as for right now away.

    Another idea. Since you said about writing tutorials. You could always begin a tutorial(have your tutorial in two parts)and then content lock the second half. Could also right a quick tutorial or basic eBook and offer it for free but have it setup so that you can capture their email addresses.
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    You could work as a freelancer on or even on Fiverr. These sites are also a good resource for outsourcing work.
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    Originally Posted by wolfe655 View Post

    I can do tutorials on my site but how to monetize it! Any ideas?

    If your tutorial are valuable you can either find good affiliate product - clickbank etc. or just find some advertisers to directly advertise on your website. Or adsense. Test between those.
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    Lynda dot com may be ok for an affiliate program to promote on my site. I would like to keep them on my site though. There is a company in the U.K that sells software(programming language) and other game creation tools and I would love to promote the products. I have just within the past few days contacted them about an affiliate program. They have none. I asked them to put the products in clickbank. They are all digital and you can have disks sent. They are just not interested. They said I could buy their products in bulk for a discount then sell them myself. I don't think that is a good option now.

    I really want to write tutorials. That keeps my going as a programmer, keeps me learning and helping others. Since I decided to get back into IM I have not programed in 2 months. Between my day job and getting caught up on IM I have not had time.

    I am really leaning towards tutorials and a membership of about $10 a month. I don't know if it will fly with just tutorials. Not real sure what else I could do to hold interest. There would be a forum on this site also
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    Does anyone where I may find good PLR on programming? I have searched around and could not find anything good.
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    Personally, I think I would focus on the service you can provide for your main income. At least until you become respected enough to write a book. I would limit the monetization to Amazon, listing your favorite books that you recommend. Your expertise and personal reviews will mean a lot more conversions than some Joe Schmoe simply listing the books.

    Offer your services via the sites that Marc Greenville mentioned above.

    You could also list your service on your own site. Use an Escrow account to handle the money changing hands.

    You could even create simple but useful tools on your website in order to help your visitors and attract more. Write articles or blog posts on advice you can give or nifty information. Have a customer reviews of your services, which will greatly help with a potential customer's trust and comfort in your abilities and service. You could even offer to teach or help people via Crossloop (a remote access program/service *highly recommended*). Start with small jobs and work your way to a point where you are uber guru. Write the book. Ask for more money. Etc, etc.
    Domains for sale - see
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    There are numerous affiliate networks online where you can find all kinds of products, besides Clickbank. JVZoo, RapBank, etc.

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    If you want to make money quick then you should focus on selling your services. If you are a good programmer than it could be very profitable for you to outsource your work and then be the person who reviews it before sending it out.

    If you are going to outsource you can find a lot of good programmers with low hourly rates from the Philippines on sites like Odesk.
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