May I know how do you increase traffic to your website? Thanks.

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May I know how do you increase traffic to your website? Thanks.
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    One easy way to learn this is to search the forum where you will find hundreds of tips and tricks to get traffic.


    Originally Posted by info126 View Post

    May I know how do you increase traffic to your website? Thanks.
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    Well beside paying for traffic to my website or sales pages, I post ads in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, post ads on Twitter, Craigslist and BackPage.

    Also, I use my signature like below on forums to promote my website and sales pages and all these traffic generators are free.

    I hope this helps,

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    I use a range of Marketing tactics. :rolleyes:
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    By ranking higher in searches using organic SEO. Search around and you will find hundreds of threads.
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  • When I first started out in marketing I bought about 10,000 opt in leads from my autoresponder. It was expensive but they were qualified and only responded if they were interested in my ad.

    I then bought them from a company called adfly but the quality of theirs over the last year is really lacking.

    Now mostly social media with a capture form. I hope I'll learn alot of new ideas on here as well.
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  • A great way to get traffic is to create a Facebook page about the subject of your website. Post interesting links from the site to your Facebook page. Be sure to add #tags. Put a link to your site in the about section.

    You can also do the same basic thing with Twitter. With both of these, it's important to remember to use them just to get people to your site, not for trying to make a sale directly from Twitter or Facebook. Once they're on your site, then you can try to make a sale and it will work much better.

    You can also join forums related to your site. Make sure they allow links in signatures. Put a link in your signature to something interesting on your site. Keep posting on those forums and show them you really know what you're talking about. The more they get to know you, the more likely it is that they'll click through your signature and go to your site.

    You can also use YouTube. Make videos related to your site, and put a link to your site in the description.

    One really important thing for you to do is to build a list of email subscribers. That way, you can email these people and get them to come to your site whenever you have an update. It's a great way to keep people coming back, and one of the only ways you'll see consistent visits to your site coming in.
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    Paid way: PPC, PPV, CPM
    Free way: Article marketing, email marketing, SEO
    Easy to write but have to do some work to put this text in action...
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    Paid Traffic - Here you'll find good sources:

    Free Traffic - Articles, Forums, Social Media, Videos, Classifieds, Traffic exchanges, Give away events, JV list swap, Safelist.
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    ... In addition to what the people above said...

    That depends on what type of website you have? What is the niche of your website? Knowing what you're offering makes a huge difference in how you market... Demographics are very important. As you know you can't market to a 20 year old the same way you would to a 70 year old.

    What's your niche?

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    1. Bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, etc..
    2. Classifieds ads
    3. Web directories.
    4. Article Directories.
    5. Press Release Submissions.
    6. Facebook Fan Page.
    7. Linkedin Company Page.
    8. Email Marketing.

    These are some of the ways of promoting your website without any money.
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    After years of getting little to no results with youtube, safelists, article marketing, blogging, PPC, I found the "solo ad world" I've generated more leads with solo ads in a month than I did with all the techniques above in a whole year.
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    I do lots of blog commenting - not only does it increase my traffic but also helps me build some fantastic relationships with people in the industry.

    Forum marketing is another method I've found very effective, I'm a member on a few forums and the signature line is bringing me a good amount of traffic. Social media and solo ads have also worked very well for me.
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