How to link pay pal to your bank account?

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Hello. I have just registered for a pay pal account. I have also provided pay pal with my credit card details and 10 bucks has been transferred from my credit card to my pay pal account.

So my question is, how do I link my pay pal to my bank account? I mean, let us say if a customer come to my website and pay with pay pal, so, how does that money end up in my bank account?

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  • But keep in mind that once you link it to your bank account, it still won't end up being transferred there automatically. You'll need to withdraw to your bank account and this usually takes 3-4 days.

    But you can also get a Paypal debit card and once you have that you'll be able to use it to access your funds straight from that without waiting.
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      Originally Posted by Long Beach Nathan View Post

      But you can also get a Paypal debit card
      But only if you live in the US, unfortunately.
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  • You need to ask confirmation code from the bank...
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      Its pretty simple you just go to your profile tab. While there you should see the option to add a US bank. You just add your bank account and paypal will send you a confirmation deposit into your bank account to ensure that this account is indeed yours once you get that confirmation you confirm it in paypal and you should done.

      Paypal has this new 30 day system for new sellers so if you are just beginning then you would have this hold on your account until you get a good name when selling.

      Now when someone pays you it doesn't go directly into your bank account it goes into your paypal account and then when after the 30 hold you should see in your options tab the ability to withdraw click on it and follow the instructions and within 3-5 business days your bank account should be credited.

      Also ensure that your paypal account has the ability to withdraw as some countries are only allowed to send payments and not receive.

      Hope This Helps

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    You can also top-up your bank account to your paypal account. This will allow you to transfer founds from your bank account directly into your paypal account. The list of accepted banks is different from one country to another.

    "Online top-up of a PayPal account is a new service, which allows PayPal users to top up their PayPal accounts from their own bank account in the short time.
    If you do not possess a credit card and there is no money on your PayPal account you don’t have to give up on online shopping."
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    Thank you, for the info.
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    You can also make purchases with Paypal even if there is no money in that account, as long as it is linked to a bank account that does have money in it. However, it takes time for that payment to clear.

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    Website / Blog for more info.

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    are you aks to bank and conform to your confirmation code
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      You can find out everything that you need to know from the PayPal website. They will send you two or three very small deposits that you will use to confirm your bank account with them. It is actually very easy to do.
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