Quick WSO Question---Having Your WSO Ready to Go?

by Sean A McAlister 6 replies
Hey Warriors,

In the rules it says have your WSO Ready to go right after you pay...

Does this mean you will not have time to type your
sales copy?

Could someone elaborate a bit.,,,please.

I don't mean to sound like an idiot here but
I don't want to get it wrong.

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    As soon as you pay...You post.

    I would pretype my copy in a post(don't post it though), make sure it looks good, and then copy the post into wordpad or something. Then pay for your WSO, it will bring you right back. Start a new post, paste in your copy, press submit.

    Done. I think ther may be some WSO formating items out there too.

    So yes, have your copy ready. There isnt a time limit or anything but I think you would want it ready to rock anyway.

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      Yeah, pre-type your post, save all the source code somewhere, then after you pay just copy/paste that code into the Thread box. Make sure you do one last Preview as well since some programs can add invisible characters when they change from one source to another(Notepad occasionally does this).
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      what happens if people are behind you adding their WSO's yours starts moving down the list so when you do post it could be half way down the page

      I use the test thread to iron out my wso page for formating to see how it looks then delete it

      hope this helps

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        Sean, here's what you do.

        1. Open up a new thread anywhere. Doesn't matter where.

        2. Type in your WSO and then hit preview.

        3. If you like the way it looks, copy the whole thing. It will reside in your PC memory just as it looks.

        4. Go to the WSO forum and open up a thread. It will ask you to pay. Pay for your WSO.

        5. After payment is complete, go back, open up the thread again. This time it will actually allow you to post your WSO.

        6. Paste the contents that are in your PC memory into the thread and save
        it. Make sure you give the thread a title.

        Done and simple.
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          Great Stuff....

          I really appreciate it.

          Thanks everyone!!!!!

          Wishing everyone success.

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            Just to add another little tip-

            I save my WSO copy on my Warrior notepad until I'm ready for it to go live.
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