suggestions on ads for my site?

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My site is a wrestling news site, and am currently pulling in 200-300 page views a day.

I have adsense on my site..should I just stick with that, or is there a btter alternative. I am looking for the best CPM rate as I don't think I am going ot get many people actually clicking the ads.

Thanks in advance.

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    Adsense is the holy grail. Stick with it and make sure you read their terms and conditions well because once you lose your adsense account you will NEVER get it back and it is easy for adsense to ban you and they won't tell you why.
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    Andsens is the best solution, try to inform about how to grow your clicks. You can google it is a lot of information about adsense.
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      Adsense is a good all round solution, but ask yourself what do the people who visit your site buy. Once you have that answer, then provide it at your site via an affiliate program or a CPA offer. A search on wrestling at ClickBank produces 67 results.
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    shareA sale is a good affiliate network with over 3900 merchants to choose from ..should be easy to find something suitable.
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    How about looking for products to sell on your site instead? Possibly merchandise which already exist, or create your own fan merchandise? I'm sure that'd sell? And it'd help your brand as a whole take off better too.

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    If you can find a wrestling product that is a proven seller and pays a good commission it will be more profitable than trying to get people to click for pennies.

    Also have you thought about converting that adspace to an opt-in form? That way you can get repeat visitors and start to build up relationships with your readers.

    Lastly the most profitable thing to put on your site would be your own product, so if you intend to still be running this site in 2 years time make this your goal.
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    • I agree. Adsense is very low pay and alot of people have been banned for no reason, so I'd really look for another way to monetize the site.

      Physical merchandise could be one solution. You could use Amazon Associates or a Commission Junction source and sell wrestling-related products.

      Originally Posted by AndrewStark View Post

      Also have you thought about converting that adspace to an opt-in form? That way you can get repeat visitors and start to build up relationships with your readers.
      ^This is probably the most important thing you can do with your site. That way no matter how you're monetizing, you'll always make more money since you keep people coming back to your site.
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    adsense is generally a low source of income, although some people do it correctly and make a ton of money from it.

    i would look into selling adspace or selling a product that your audience would buy
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