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by vaidab
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I've got a system running that provides me with a (small) passive income and I'd like to learn more about useful analytics results. There are a lot of books in the field and I'm curious which one did you find more useful in your business.

I'm not interested in counting clicks and total visitors, I'd like to learn how to use GA to optimize my funnel.
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    i think the better way to go about this would be to study the Google University content on Google Analytics. Free on their website. As they say, Google it
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  • Vaidab,

    The resource you choose will depend on what software you use on your site. If that is GA, then I agree with mycrowdsam. Go to Google’s conversion university and study the videos there. You can also check out to look at ways you can customize tracking.


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    Thank you very much for your responses. I'll check the university courses
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    Oh Ive read about 5 books on this topic, and the definitely best is:

    "Web Analytics 2.0". Its just a perfect book if you want to start an online business.

    You wont be disappointed and Ive even read this book 3 times in a row because its written by a genius.

    Ive learned extremely much from this book.
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    I am certain everybody has their favorite books or recourses for the areas they are best in, yet some of the time its quite difficult to find new ones that you can trust on. I read two people book and most of the time I use it. You can see the links what they are like or straight you can bookmark it.
    Occam's Razor - Avinash Kaushik (
    Online Behaviour - founded by Daniel Waisberg (
    Try out, this will sure help you.
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  • Avinash book are really good. It won't show you how-to do the report though. I also like Justin Cutroni book Performance Marketing with Google Analytics.
    Signature to Quickly Learn Google Analytics and how-to track your website
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