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So this is my thinking:

On the presales page I've made, I've put some benefits, thoughts about the offer, and am debating on putting a video. I also put my optin across the page. My question is... should I keep off the testimonials? I should just soft-sell them I'm assuming.

So, if I'm promoting a product, I'm going to include a valuable ebook with a video maybe me narrating a powerpoint describing the benefits of the ebook... then on the thank you page should I just include all of the landing page for the actual product itself or just have optimize press forward to the direct offer?

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    When you have an opt-in form on the presell page, you can define directly in your autoresponder to forward to the sales page after the opt-in....

    If you have good testimonials that are not pushy (should anyway not be) then I would include them...
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      Thanks so much for your suggestion!
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        I'm a big fan of including testimonials. If you have them, use them! Social proof means so much more than the product creator saying that it's great. If possible (and with permission of your client/customer, of course), use a picture of the person giving the testimonial alongside it. It makes it feel more 'real'.

        Good luck with your product!
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          If you're already talking about the product, then include the testimonials. If you haven't yet begun talking about a product, a testimonial isn't needed.
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    If you have out-of-this-world social proof (i.e. someone saying your product helped them create or overcome something specific,) why the hell wouldn't you use it?

    Opting in is a decision - just like buying.

    You've got to make sure your copy, positioning and hook are all just as strong as your main sales presentation. This is especially true if you're in a highly competitive market - filled with tons of white noise AND valuable, converting solutions.

    Social proof helps you stand out in ways that pages of copy sometimes fails to.

    My take.


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