Allen Says is a Marketing Genius!

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I never paid much attention to ADMIN in the old forum because he didn't say much, but since I joined the War Room and then got a chance to see the new forum, I'm convinced Allen is a marketing genius!

Without saying much, he is getting the fees from the WSO's and the new classified forum, and now he has spent the money and the time to update this forum to inject new blood into the warrior forum, just when the old forum was reaching critical mass!

Has anyone else noticed the enthusiasm level in here today, a weekday, with people posting I don't remember ever seeing before? DUH!

But with all that being said, I'm thinking more in line of the War Room... Allen created a paid area of the forum that is intended for Top Notch posts and contributions from your fellow warriors. It could easily have been just another paid membership site, but he's insured it's unique. Peppered in between the excellent contributions of respected warriors Allen has released some jewels that are worthy of WSO's if he were a mind to...

I've never commented on the value of the WF before, and it really kills me that Allen can make so much money so easily (dammit), but when you provide a service that people need and want without making them feel like you're selling them anything, that is true marketing genius!

BTW, congrats on the new layout Allen, when everybody settles down, this is gonna be "da bomb!".

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