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I have recently started a new website and i am looking for monetising it.I would like to ask all my seniors members here from where should i start.I know that affiliate marketing is very vast but there must be someway to get in.

Seniors please reply ,i am just starting my journey here
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    The question you ask has already covered by several hundreds of threads available here in this forum. Use the forum search tool......... you'll get some excellent ideas.

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    It depends, do you have a blog? You can monetize it with adsense then with amazon affiliate offers and some clickbank too. I would suggest signing up to CLickbank and sign up as an affiliate.

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      If it's a blog, I'd suggest to post lots of high quality content and add a lead capture page or a floating form that offers your visitors something of value (special report?) in exchange for their email address. Then add a follow-up email sequence to help you build rapport with your subscribers.

      Send them lots of good info and the occasional suitable offer that will enhance their learning and success.

      Good luck.

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    There are many ways to monetize your website or blog like by placing ads, selling affiliate products or promoting CPA offers, but you must drive a lot of traffic to your pages if you want to make money. Getting enough targeted traffic is the real problem.

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    Wow I am sure if you use the search you will get a few ideas, but here are the basics.

    1. I hope your niche is something you enjoy or know a lot about, cause that will help with content and providing services or products.

    2. I am sure you will hear all the baiscs, Affiliate products from JVzoo, nice feature is they allow you to add a bonus to products your affiliated it. Nice way to have people click your link instead of others.

    3. Review products or services in your niche and give your affiliate link with the review.

    4. Adsense, clickbank Amazon

    5. Again if it is a niche you enjoy, then creating your own product (IE ebook, video series, Podcast (using powerpoint if you dont like your voice lol) ) would be easy. Take your knowledge, put it together so your niche customers can get it and market your heart out

    Just did a project with some kids that loved lacrosse, Good Niche, They had a TON of knowledge so I told them to write a bunch of information down, one page worth a night for a few nights, well before they knew it, they had an ebook,

    Then they video tapped some training tips and soon had a membership area, one price for life.

    Then they where able to gather off line customers for private lessons. Again a lot of making money has to do with, what niche and what you offer.

    Don't sell yourself short, if you picked a niche you like and have knowledge in, then it just providing it in a way customers will buy

    Good Luck Buddy
    "A man's worth, is not measured by the numbers in his bank account, but in the number of people that call him friend" Internet Marketing Consultant - Ask8.com
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    find a topic you could talk about all day, even if you didn't want to. Then find a product that helps people do what you talk about, or just goes hand in hand with it.

    Then talk about the subject online, via a personal blog, fb page or youtube channel, and suggest the product as well.

    As you gain a following of like minded people, you'll be able to make money from your passion.

    Exapnd, rinse and repeat.
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    While there are tons of ways to monetize your website there are a handful that are easy to implement and have a reputation for being effective ways to bring in cash.

    You already mentioned affiliate marketing but you need to be aware that you should not clutter your site with every affiliate product you stumble across. The products you promote should be complementary to each other, have a good sales page and promotion tools and convert well.

    You can also create your own product and entice affiliates to help you sell it.

    Another way to monetize your site is through banner advertising...

    Google Adsense is THE standard in banner advertising and has been a lucrative way of making money with websites for a long time.

    Banner advertising takes very little effort on your part. Just don't put too many on your website. A well placed banner can bring in money. Too many banners will turn your website visitors away in disgust.

    Another way to monetize your website is with Paid membership programs and through forum promotions...

    You need valuable content on your site first before attempting this method. Are you an expert in your chosen niche? Research this idea and see if it is possible for you to utilize. Forums are a great way to promote your website by using signatures AND by having a forum on your website that will encourage interaction and repeat visits to your site by those participating in your forum.

    Don't over look the simple yet powerful step of simply adding a DONATE button to your site. If you have valuable content on your site that provides visitors with the information they were searching for they may be inclined to thank you by clicking on your DONATE button!
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      What is your website? How you monetize it depends on what you have on it for content, really. Have you started learning how to drive traffic? Might wanna be sure you know how to get people to your site or monetizing it will do no good.
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    Many thanks to all of you senior members,i was sure that i will get good mentoring here,and really i got some serious advice,i will follow them and will tell you results soon

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    This is a very broad question. What niche is your site in, how many UV's is it getting per day?

    There is an affiliate program for more or less any niche so you shouldn't have any problems finding an affiliate program. You want to make sure that your website is filled up with quality content to help sell the products.
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