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I have had this domain for awhile but have never been quite sure what to do with it.

I'm thinking of just actually blogging on it. Just whatever happens to be on my mind that particular day. I do not plan on going for any keywords.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated !

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    If you have the programming/design ability then it would be cool to have the site as an actual wall that people could virtual spray paint messages/graffiti on and take it from there
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    Ha, yes, I had thought about that also but unfortunately, I do not .
    I was also going to make it where people could voice there opinions about issues in life but I did not want any legal issues.
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    I have a web site called Well, it is just sitting there right now. Perhaps we can team up. There are many different ideas we can use to make some green.
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    Yeah design a pay to display platform kinda like those old sites where you pay for ad space by the pixel - million dollar pixel i believe.
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    That is a great domain name. There's a ton of potential to really get creative and come up with something awesome. I'm very interested in seeing what you come up with.
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    Yeah Its good Idea that you thought for blogging. If you don’t want use keywords then at least try to write on something that you know , that you are interested about. You can talk about your day activities or your hobbies that you have hold for long time. But at the end of the day you have to come up something that people will like to read. You have to make it worth.
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