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I am webdesigner and I develop websites to small companies. It works the regular way: Some company come to me and ask me to do a website, I make the website and get payed. The problem is, how to get companies to be my clients.

So, this week I tried something new, I tried to do the website first, and after ask the company to pay for it. Basically, I find a company which has a terrible website and make one new, with a new design and keeping the content. It takes 3 hours to be ready.

But, when I tried to sell it via email, I didn't even get an answer. I know, I know, it's not so easy to sell things via email, you have to send a lot to get a return. But, my question is: How can I sell it? What advises can u give me?

I'll really appreciate any message.

Thank u all!
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    You should wait and see if they want one before making it. You could show them your portfolio to show them what you can do. To get clients, you could make a website for yourself with a portfolio and pages to tell people about the service you offer. You could also join freelancing sites like oDesk and bid on web design projects.
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    Actually this is not a very bad model. Its something that lots of business models do. Architects make up concept drawings before even getting the client. Advertising agency's make up mock commercials before even getting the account. If its only taking you 3 hours then I say it can be profitable.

    Here is the thing though, you do need to make first contact with them before you go through the work. I would not email them. 99% of the time you are not going to reach the 'decision maker' via email. If they are a local company call them and try to get a meeting, then make the updated page before the meeting. If they are not local send them a pre made up 'info packet' explaining how there existing bad site is actually hurting there company and how your new good site will help there company.

    Once you make the initial contact and at least know they are interested then make the new site to pitch to them.
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    Well, I have noticed that a lot of companies are 100% happy with the most God awful websites imaginable. It won't pay you to do the work without authorization from the company. You might get lucky once in a blue moon, but I'll bet you end up doing quite a lot of work for nothing.
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    The best way to get new customers is to have them find you. They find you through your awesome website that is ranking high on Google, your adwords campaign, your postings and contacting on classified sites like Craigslist, your replies on E-lance, ODesk, in person meetings at networking places, etc.

    Making a site and trying to sell it to someone who has no interest is like pushing a string up-hill. Heck, I don't even do a full quote/contract for someone, unless I'm almost certain they are going to buy, because I have their verbal agreement. I give them a ballpark if they are really interested in having me do the work.

    You can use the site you've made, to build your online portfolio - assuming it's a nice looking site.

    I've been in the business for a decade, so I've learned a few things. I hope this helps.

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    Far better to approach them with a plan. Include a mock up and justify WHY they should spend money. Sell them benefits, don't just expect them to pay for something they didn't ask for!
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    First offer them new nice website for acceptable price. If they are agree, then make a web-site.
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