Numbering Pages in Pdf's and Word files

by Audrey Harvey 4 replies
I occasionally print out a pdf to read at my leisure, especially if it's instructions for use of a script etc. Some have numbered pages, and some don't. It's never really bothered me either way whether or not the pages are numbered, until now.

Having just printed out a fairly wordy document, my gorgeous 6 year old son yelled, "I'll get it for you mummy!", and promptly dropped the wad of pages and scattered them all over the floor.

I've just got them all re-ordered, but boy, it was time I could have used for something else.

If it doesn't make any difference to your report or ebook, I for one would really appreciate the pages being numbered - my lad will more than likely be more careful for a while, but it could still happen again in a burst of enthusiasm.

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    I agree. I always number the pages. When others don't, I'm not sure if it's an oversight or they don't know how to do it.
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    • You bring up a great point that I like
      to stress in all my product creation

      Everyone needs to number their pages.

      One of my printers has a nice habit of
      spilling all the pages onto the floor when
      it piles up too high!

      Take care

      michael silvester
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      Considering that numbering pages is such an easy thing to do, maybe we - as warriors should ALL take it upon ourselves to make this the industry standard?

      I too, have been caught with pages out of order - I grumble ALOT whn that happens (and that's being nice about it!

      Come On WARRIORS lets make this happen ALWAYS!
      Just something to keep in the back of your mind when writing!
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        I have a template I created for my reports, with header and footer. Always numbered.

        A good friend of mine (who I shan't name here, but I'm sure he'll know if he reads this ... hint, hint Dr) is always sending out reports without. I hound him often about this, as I print out anything I'm going to read and tend to mix up pages (I read a lot in the bathtub, LOL)
        Kevin Riley, Kevin Riley Publishing, Osaka, Japan

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