Do you Buy or Outsource the Clickbank Sites Rank it

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I want to know that how many of you Outsource the Clickbank Site. I want someone who can do the keyword research, choose the product, ranking it and all.

Have you outsourced this work. I know many of you will say that I should do it on my Own, because its a good way to learn. But I only want to outsource it.

I havent seen anywhere in this forum, service of creating clickbank sites and ranking it.

Do you know about this service in this forum or outside.

Share the link as I need to purchase.
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    What do you mean? As affiliate or a vendor?
    I am saying that have you ever taken service of Building up and then ranking the ClickBank sites or do you know anyone who can do it, in this forum or outside this forum.

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    I like to build the sites myself using Wordpress. However I know very little about SEO so when I'm looking to rank a site fast, I'll usually head over to Fiverr and purchase a few different gigs for backlinks and indexing the site.
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    Originally Posted by harrysehgal12 View Post

    I want someone who can do the keyword research, choose the product, ranking it and all.
    "Keyword research" and "ranking it" are of pretty limited value for ClickBank sites. Those are certainly not something I'd want to pay someone else to do.

    ClickBank affiliate sales and SEO traffic don't really mix well, at all. The people who depend on SEO traffic tend to be all the ones among the 95% of ClickBank affiliates who collectively make less than 5% of the sales ... and there are reasons for that.

    Selecting the product, admittedly, is a time-consuming business and decision, and one to which I suspect the majority of beginning marketers pay insufficient attention, which I think is another fairly common reason for lack of success: . Again, it'd definitely not something I'd outsource in a hurry.

    Originally Posted by harrysehgal12 View Post

    I know many of you will say that I should do it on my Own, because its a good way to learn.
    That's true, of course, but it's actually not my reason for suggesting that this is a deeply mistaken approach.

    I don't think the whole idea is a recipe for success at all. When you look at the very low proportion of ClickBank affiliates who earn anything significant, my feeling is that they're all going to be people who know what they're doing, have acquired relevant and appropriate skills, have developed their own systems to suit their own marketing styles, and so on. And given the huge profits that the small proportion of highly successful ClickBank affiliates can make, I'd also think that an outsourcee who could really do this, profitably and productively, for other people, would actually be doing it for himself. So I'd expect the "available service quality" to be very low indeed. Those are my main reasons, anyway.

    I also think that the general perception of "sites that sell ClickBank products" is pretty much a misguided one, to start with. Websites are not really, significantly, realistically, commonly, what sell ClickBank products at all. Relationships are - for the most part - what sell ClickBank products. Imagining that "how you design the site and what your keywords are and how the site ranks" is going to be the major component of one's ClickBank affiliate income is - for most people, most of the time - pretty much "just plain wrong", I think.

    This thread may help you:

    Originally Posted by harrysehgal12 View Post

    Share the link as I need to purchase.
    No; you want to purchase, but that's almost certainly because some of the "information" on which your beliefs rest isn't accurate at all.

    You don't need to purchase, Harry, and doing so is actually very unlikely to help you. Sorry. Please appreciate that I mean all this only helpfully. I wish you nothing but success, but I strongly advise you to consider the potential merits of a "Big Strategic Rethink And Learning Process" rather than going ahead with this misbegotten plan which, directly or indirectly, has already failed for very large numbers of people, and all for perfectly predictable and understandable reasons.
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  • For selling, there is no other better way than building a responsive and targeted list. Your list will become your ATM booth as you start growing with Clickbank.
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      Alexa is right, you will want to do it on your own if you can. At least the marketing part. Building the website is something you could outsource though.

      I have to disagree somewhat with SEO not mixing with ClickBank products. Sometimes venturing into new territory and doing things uniquely and differently than everyone else can pay off tremendously. For about 4 to 5 years up until a few years ago I did SEO for a ClickBank niche which ending up earning me several hundred thousand dollars a year. This was while everyone else was in this niche was doing PPC. I ended up making much more than many of my affiliate friends in the same niche because I didn't have the PPC costs they had.

      Going forward for me personally however SEO is only one part of an overall strategy. Like Bonita mentions, building a list is important and can be your personal ATM. And as Alexa stated, relationships help sell CB products. I think relationships will set you up for long-term success.
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