What the heck is a Proxy Server?

by nmh
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I know I know, total Newbie question but what the heck is this? I see these on some WSO products that list Proxy addresses etc. I am totally confused. :confused:I went on the web and try to look it up, now more confused. Why do we need to list or check them etc. and what in the world do we do with them after we get the info.?

I thought is was just an address for a server BUT I could be totally off base.

Thanks once again fellow warriors!

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    Businesses tend to have proxy servers as the server that connects to the internet. In your browser 'connection' settings you can specify that you have to go though a proxy to connect to the internet. Every users computer at that business is set up to go through the proxy to connect (unless you work in IT, but thats a different story!)

    Quite often there is software on there that monitors what websites everyone at that business is on, and blocks you from going to certain ones.
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    Thanks! So why would we as marketers want a Proxy Server address? I am assuming like AOL would be a proxy for someone w/ an account with them etc.
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    A lot of IM'ers use it to change their IP address. For example, you go to your favorite social bookmarking site, make a post. Then you enable your proxy and go to the site as a different user and bump your post. You are the same person, but to the social bookmarking site it looks like two people from two different computers (IP address) made a post.
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    When in doubt - G()()gle... or even wiki

    Proxy server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Proxies are most often used for anonymity. More info for you: Cloakfish.com - Anonymous Web Surfing
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    OOOOOOOOOOH! Now I got it!!!! THANKS!!!! Very useful indeed. LOL. Of course wikipedia didn't quite explain it like you guys just did. Yeah! Ok, I have learned something for today
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