Will this domain name put me in copyright problems?

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I recently bought a domain name called imtalks.net (my goal is to use it for a new internet marketing forum).

My question is, will it create copyright problems for me? I have found a website in the web that has imtalk.me as domain.

There is also another site called imtalk.com that offers instant messenger service.

Please advice.
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  • Yesterday (and every other day) there was a similar post. Read through it and you will get the general idea.

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    If you are determined, see a IP lawyer. There is nothing showing that it is TM but both would be direct competition
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    imtalk? there is already a forum with the .org
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    A .me and a .com are different TLD's, a .me is about me, it is not for promotional purposes, Nor would I see a trademark infringement on that name. You know it is free to check trademarks right and that is what you have to worry about.

    You also need to see who has the .com name, if its bought but empty then get your site up before they do so you can claim copyright and copyright the name while your at it.
    Im is in the dictionary as well as talks but imtalks is not so you can claim a trademark on it.
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    yah, but imtalk . org is not so empty
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    Did you check the trademarks though.
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    Checking the trademark is the best thing to do. The last thing you would want is to put time and effort into building a great site only to lose it because of copyright issues.

    I bought a site with a trademarked domain a few years back and lost the website and all its earnings. I couldn't do anything about it.

    If you don't end up using it for a website it could still be used to shorten your affiliate links - imtalks.net/gohere etc
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    I'm probably too new to post links, but go to USPTO (dot) gov and do a search to check for infringement. Whether or not there is a site up isn't important, what matters is if there is anything registered. Good luck.
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