Portfolio Advice - Micro vs Category?

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Hi Warriors,

After years of listening to my clients and what worked for them, a few months ago I decided to create my own Amazon review site.

I basically set up a smart review theme through Wordpress, had some reviews and relevant buyers' guides and advice pages written and left it at that. The only "marketing" I did was drip fed some blogs once a month so that it still showed some growth in the eyes of Google.

The site focuses on a mid-ticket priced item and so far I've earned $244 odd with Amazon's measly affiliate rates. This has got me thinking that after the trail run, I might start creating one Amazon review site a month and see what happens in a year.

At the moment I use Pro Review Theme, and my question is, have you had more success with multiple micro niche (i.e. single product) review sites, or larger category sites? Also, can you recommend any good review themes for multiple products? Pro Review Theme really only works for single products.

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