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Hello Warrior Forum. My name is Eric. I am new to Warrior Forum and to Online marketing. I would like to know if there is anyone that will be willing to help me get started on ClickBank and how to market as an affiliate there. If possible, please respond to my message or send me an E-Mail at Thank you, and I look foward to hearing from all of you!

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    Hi Eric,

    Your best bet to get started with Clickbank is to read the many hundreds of posts where this already been discussed at length. You can find that by using the search button.

    Good luck on your journey.
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    Originally Posted by Xardian116 View Post

    I would like to know if there is anyone that will be willing to help me get started on ClickBank and how to market as an affiliate there.
    This thread will help you, Eric:

    And as mentioned above, there are a few hundred others here, too.

    Just a suggestion, but you might want to take your email address out of your post? This is one of the world's highest-traffic forums (including members, non-members, bots and scrapers) and I think that if you leave it there you'll gradually get increasing quantities of various kinds of email spam showing up.
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      To promote successfully clickbank product I highly recommend you buy or ask directly vendor to borrow you product for an review.
      I do that way. Once you own the product you will know exactly what is all about, advantages and disadvantages and you'll be able to give all valuable information to the potential buyers.
      Later on, create good simple squeeze page or membership site. Collect their email addresses and create strong sequence of follow up messages.
      In the end, most important thing is traffic, I mean targeted traffic.
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    You first need to signup as clickbank affiliate to get your ID. Afer that, you need to research wich products you would like to promote and for that I suggest From there, you need to analyze what type of methods would you use such as article marketing, seo,etc. Most of affiliates write product reviews and promote then via SEO. Hope it helped you out.

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    Also, check CBEngine. This is a nice place that can help you choose the right products to promote.

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    Why would you put you email on the public forum like that?
    If you want to start making money with CB first go read the forums so you can get an idea on how this works.

    After that you can start asking question on the forum and im sure the members will help you out.
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    You would also do well to get a war room membership where you will find tons of free downloads on Clickbank.

    Do me a favor though and when you start don't make it a science, just do it. I am starting to see too many people researching too much and never actually starting anything they want.
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    Head off to Google and research keywords that are relevant to you product that chosen. Assuming that you find more sponsors selling the same product that you have taken it means the market is too soaked, or your may be you key phrase is too general. It would be best you used more specific keywords for your search. Make use of use long tailed keywords, like keywords with three or more words in them. It is important check whether have money back guarantee or not.
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