Real name or an alias?

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Which one is better to use?

Real name or an alias?
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    Depends, if you use your real name people can search you up and blackmail you and stuff.
    An alias will insure that doesnt happen. I reveal my identity to my clients and people i trust only.
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    It depends on what your doing.
    I have many Pen names out and I love them.
    When its dealing about any legality issues with your site or can spam laws you must use your real name.
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    Use an Alias when you don't trust who you are giving your information to. For trusted people, I would use my real name.

    Jeremy H
    Account Manager
    Blvd-Media Group

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    Like Jeremy said if it's something where there is not 100% trust between you and your customers then use a pen name other wise just use your own name..
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    I don't like using my full name online, an alias is a much better choice.

    When I do use my real name I usually don't use my full name or I use my first name and one of my two surnames or my middle name. Yes, I have two surnames, from my dads side and my moms side.
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    Just make sure you don't have too ridiculous an alias like: Dick Cummings.

    In all seriousness, I think I would prefer to deal with a real person.
    Rather than hiding behind an alias. Just my 2 cents - if you want to build a sustainable business - you need to build integrity and authenticity.

    But some people are trigger shy and prefer going by a pen-name.
    I think the best compromise would be to go by your nickname rather than create an "Airy Fairy" personality.
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    If you are involved in a bunch of different niches, I'd say it would be a good idea to use an alias (also known as a pen name)
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    If you are in different niches I'd use your real name for the main one and a different alias for each niche. It will avoid the confusion when some will try to look you up on google!
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    What are you thinking in regard to? Will your name have a lot of potential exposure (i.e. selling a product) or will it not?
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    Use a realistic alias - something too fake (like The Money Maker) gives an impersonal feeling. Using a realistic name (Steve Smith) builds trust.
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    I'd say real name or brand (not a pretend person). Unless you're trying to hide or you're employed and starting a business is frowned upon. If you're building a legitimate business I'm not sure why you would not use your real name. You are actually the most valuable asset your business has and you are the unique selling point - personal branding is very powerful.
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    I plan on using my own name as a brand hence why I used it for the Warrior Forums, I think this is the way to go if you plan on producing custom quality content.

    However for affiliate sites you might want to use a brand name rather than a human name.

    For example, I have a portfolio website using my name as the domain, I cant really use guest posters because they would be posting under my name which looks odd. However with my Marketutopia brand I can use lots of affiliate offers and guest posters without visitors getting confused about the author. I have loads of sites and I either decide real name or brand name, I never create an alias because you can be anon without deceiving prospects.

    Marketutopia Internet Marketing Blog

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      If you want to make a name for your self online and you have a real long name that no one can pronounce that could be another reason to use an alias
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    An alias is better but if you want to establish your true identity then better use your real name. That way people can search you in Google will be famous!
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    Why does no one ever ask if they should use their real name or an alias if they're thinking about opening a restaurant, or a dry cleaner, or a landscaping company,etc?
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    real name, you can brand it

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    I think it's a personal choice. Depends if you want to be associated with the product your are selling, if you are trying to develop a brand name. Frank Kern used an alias selling his dog eBooks. The Rich Jerk is a great one. I have a friend that has a great product but is afraid to use his real name online. It's up to you and what you are comfortable with doing online.
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    An email address or Twitter handle or Skype name may not be someone’s real name, but instead introduce you to their pet, hobby or favorite sports team.

    Whether this works or is appropriate depends on whom you ask. When creating these user names, it’s appropriate to think about how the accounts will be used.

    In some cases, having an alias allows someone to be loud, opinionated and crass. But at the time of any business or personal communications, it will be more valuable to use your name, or use variation as your online moniker.
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    It is up to you. For my internet marketing campaigns, I use my real name. But for my other niches, I use different pen names.
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    I have seen people do amazingly well with alias, and even when meeting in person, they still go by their alias in networking conventions
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