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Hey Guys,

I got one serious question.

If I download some pictures/images from a website like: or some site like this, Can I use this image on my website just for decorative purpose?

Copyright of this image says this: "License: Non commercial use, learning and reference use only."

I dont want to sell this image. I just want to have it on my website. Is this approach "reference only" ?


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    Now the question is what your website about .If you are making some profit from it then i think you cannot use such images .

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    From the website you mentioned "Not all of the resources are allowed for commercial use please contact the author for detail"
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    Proceed with caution, see if the image is copyrighted you can get in touch with the owner and ask if you can use it. I've heard others say you can as long as you give credit to the originator and backlink it. I see a lot of blogs, sites, and I know a big marketer who uses google images like crazy as long as there is no kind of copyright or shadow mark on the image. At the same time I saw a story where Getty images went after a small business owner with a nasty fine for using their picture.
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      Another question muddying the waters is the definition of "commercial use."

      For some, commercial use means any use in a money-making venture. In other words, to these people, if you decorate a blog post with their image and you have so much as an affiliate link, Adsense block or banner ad you get paid for, it's commercial use.

      For others, commercial use would be using the image for, say, a book cover or a tee shirt you intend to sell.

      This question also extends to audio or video clips.
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        You can also buy image credits inexpensively at many stock sites to be sure you can use them for your purposes.

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    go to flickr and use royalty free images which you can use safely
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      For music, media, videos and pics that you can use for commercial purposes, check out CC Search.

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    i use stockxchng for my photos
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    Not all free download websites provide royalty free contents. Regardless musics, images etc. Using them in your own blog is not a good idea. Better to stay away from them.
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    Many of the stock image sites have free trials every now and again - sign up and get a bunch. If you use a lot then a flat monthly fee could be an option. I find many of the free sites have very poor range and quality.
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    If you are selling something from your website it is commercial use. Best to take your own photos or purchase photos you can use on your websites to be safe. Many sites sell photos at a low cost
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    First, you can just look for a website that allows other people to use their images even without having to give credits. Second, you can contact the original owner of that image to know what to do. Third, just do not make a move if you are not yet sure about how to give the credits to the owner of a particular image.
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    You should be very careful when it comes to images. You might be held liable for copyright issues. Though there are sites that offer free images for blogs and websites, you might still get in trouble if the site does not really own the picture. The real owner of the picture can sue you and the website from which you got the picture.
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      If there is any doubt at all . . . don't do it.

      Finding the copyright owner of most images in order to get permission is very difficult - next to impossible.

      Finding true "free use" images is really no guarantee that you are not infringing on a copyright. The web site carrying these images may claim they are free, but that doesn't relieve you of still being liable for their use.

      I remember a web site that had a huge collection of "free to use" images. Problem was, the guy had merely copied images from Google Images claiming that "he thought they were free for anyone to use." He was mistaken, and everyone that used his images was in jeopardy of copyright infringement.

      I go to some of the royalty free image sites like Fotolia, Dreamstime, DepositPhoto, iStockPhoto, 123rF, and others and simply buy their inexpensive license to use their photos. Be sure to read the license terms. You can usually find what you need for $1-3 per image.

      There are also public domain images that can be freely used. Be sure you know what is considered public domain. Many people wrongly think public domain means "ancient, old, non-relevant" images. That misconception holds many back but it just isn't true.

      Good luck to you.


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    I always recommend to my members and students to just bite the bullet and purchase rights to any images they want to use. I use and recommend where you can find stock photos for just about anything and they start at just $1. It's just not worth it for the sake of $1. At least if you have purchased the rights from a verified site like you have proof of purchasing the rights to that image.
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  • Images that provide stock images should be okay, as that's what they're for. If, however, you take it from another type of site, you might be in violation of copyright.
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    The closest thing that I can get to having images that really come from their owners are the images from DeviantART. But, of course, you still need to do a lot of researching before you can confidently borrow their photos because just like what most are saying here, you can never be too sure if they are the real owners of the images that they post.
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