"Data Entry/Make Money" Vendor- FTC Charges

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Some of you may find this interesting. I believe at one time some of these products were on Clickbank? I could be wrong about that though...

Two brothers have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they misled consumers with false earnings claims for work-at-home schemes involving free government grants, mystery shopping, online surveys, and data entry. Under the proposed settlement, they are banned from marketing work-at-home opportunities in the future.

The defendants are charged with making false and unsubstantiated earnings claims in violation of the FTC Act. According to the FTC’s complaint, they charged consumers from $47 to $129 to access their “members only” Web sites with their “money-making secrets.” Their advertised programs either did not exist as represented or did not offer quick and easy money with little time or effort as promised.
Brothers Will Give Up Cash and Cars to Settle FTC Charges That Earnings Claims for Their ‘Money-Making Secrets’ Misled Consumers
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    I think you're right about some being on clickbank. The "WORK FROM HOME" and MAKE $X/month things are mostly scams. The unskilled ones that look like jobs almost certainly are.

    It is amazing that when I first tried placing an ad in a SMALL newspaper, they actually wanted to SEE what I was delivering! The ad cost more than the product I was selling, and I was charging $20-$25 USD for it!

    I was selling a guide on buying a computer with instructions on basic use, and common setup details. Back THEN, it was state of the art! Most publications weren't done as nice, it was a small easy read, and it contained all the terminology, and products, they would likely have seen over the previous 3 decades. TODAY, one would get very confused just trying to estimate approximate speed differences based on type of ram(THEN there was only one), measurements of speed(THEN there was only one(ns cycle time)), and differences in buss/cpu clock rates(then, there were only a few, and they were UNIFORM). HECK, there were only 2 printer connection types, only 2 serial bus types, only a few expansion options, only 3 DISK types, etc…. It ALSO came with some nice software which, in those days, was EASILY worth 15 times what I was charging.

    Anyway, it is odd that the little company had to check out my product, and so many just easily get theirs even into the BIG papers!

    There is EVEN a magazine that looks like it is to Entreprenuer(the magazine) as the Enquirer is to the New York Times.

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