What are the benefits of email marketing?

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Can someone list down all the benefits of email marketing?

Why is it so important to learn email marketing for your business? Be it online or offline?
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    The most important thing for me that email marketing brings is somewhat of a hands on interacting with your clients. Think of it this way, if you have someone pitching their product in front of you and you have another product that you've only seen in a poster, which one would you be buying?
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    Having your own email list is like having your own empire. Those customers are yours and even if Google is down, nothing can take away your income source.

    The point is, someone who has bought something from you is the best type of the next customer. Meaning, someone who has bought from you will be very likely to buy from you again. And the second purchase usually with higher priced product because you've gained their trust. Do you really want to sell $19 product and leave them alone or you want to keep them and build relationship for the chance to sell $199?

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    a list is free traffic, and you can send out a mail whenever you want... but treat your list as you want to be treated when you are in a list... give good content, don't spam, but definitely send offers.
    as probably everybody says, the money is in the list... and I did not believe it in the beginning, thought I don't need one.... but the realized that a list means a lot!
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    Originally Posted by fated82 View Post

    Why is it so important to learn email marketing for your business?
    Because it's a good way to form trust-based relationships with potential customers.

    To me, most of the benefits of email marketing come more or less under the heading of "Things that you can't do without email marketing".

    And those are the things that earn me (and countless others) our livings. That's a big part of the reason why there are a few hundred threads in this forum with titles similar to "What's The One Thing You'd Do Differently If You Were Starting Again Tomorrow?". Take a look through a small sample of them, and you'll find that one of the things they all have in common is that they're full of replies from long-established, successful Warriors almost all of whom give the same answer: the thing they'd do differently, with what they know now but didn't know when they started, is "start to build a list on day 1". There are reasons for that, and they're very good and very valid reasons.

    My perspective is that of the affiliate marketer. It seems to me that most of the money in affiliate marketing comes from (a) selling repeated items to the same audience (by never disappointing them, and by building trust), and (b) by keeping your traffic returning to the sales pages (because few people buy anything much at their first visit to a sales page). Without list-building, I can't do either of those two things, myself, and without those I can't make a living. There are one or two people who claim that they can, but when you look closely at what they're doing, it always looks like they're actually making a living by selling their "information" to newbies, not really from affiliate marketing.

    These three threads may help you ...

    Is it a good idea to spend some time on building a mailing list ?

    Without Building a List, How Consistent is Your Income from Affiliate Marketing

    Does anyone even make money online without an email list?

    And even this one contains some discussion of the advantages of email marketing, and how they really work: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post6123982
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    This really should be a no-brainer but here goes:
    1. you can email to your clients over and over again
    2. you can brand yourself and build rapport
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    E-mail marketing is a great instrument because it can help you to get in touch with your actual and future clients or customers. If it's used correctly it can help you to gain loyalty. The main rule is to prevent spamming amd try to give your readers some info which will be useful for them.
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    Just think of an email list as your customer base.
    You list is each person that walks in a store, some are window shoppers and some are buyers, some are refund and return experts and some just love to shop while others just run in to get what they need.

    They all want to be treated with respect though and to know that the business they bring is of value and they want respect for that.

    I have used that analogy time and time again but people still think of an email as a line of text, they don't put a face or a personality with it and to them they will will have short lived lists.
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  • Despite all the new technologies and such, people still use their email heavily. So it only makes sense to contact people with what they already use.

    And as other have stated you control that list. If Google has another one of their furry updates, your whole business won't be affected because you have a list.

    But just keep in mind having a list isn't enough. The people on your list should be responsive meaning they look forward to hearing from you and will take action when you ask them too because you've always provided them value and solid recommendations.

    List are so super important, if you don't believe us check your physical mailbox and email box. You're getting any mail because you're on a list. If they weren't valuable you wouldn't get any mail.
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    Do you know I had a list, one of my lists and I had over 900 people on it. I got a wild hair and wanted to do something different. I set down and emailed each and everyone on that list a personal email. When they signed up they gave a bit of info so I had some info on them. I did it cause I just wanted to do it, not a maketing ploy or anything.
    I still mail some of them today, 10 years later and we have great repore.
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      1) Email has a personal touch and people are responsive if you know how to communicate.
      2) Once you have someone in your list, you can contact them as long as they remain in your list.
      3) Cost of marketing is minimal.
      4) If someone buys product from you once they are likely to buy again and email gives you ability to offer them other products easily.
      5) You can get opinion from target market by conducting surveys via email.
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    The benefits of having a list are endless. You can mail them with offers whenever you want, and you can make so much money out of your list if you market to them effectively. You can hype up your products launch, promote products and tonnes of other things.
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      Email marketing helps you in making relations with your visitors /customers.You can easily test their interests and can provide offers according to their needs.If you keep a healthy relationship via emails you will never loose a single customer despite of any algorithm changes in search engines

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        Everyone knows the old saying; "the money's in the list".

        But why limit yourself to "email" marketing to a list?

        Ever see a person NOT read a text message? Add SMS to your marketing in conjunction with email and watch what happens.

        Even better, combine an email with an SMS for some really powerful stuff!

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    Longevity. Email is really the only way online to generate repeat customers. You gives you the possibility to build a rapport with your prospects/buyers. Email marketing is easily one of the top 3 things you HAVE TO KNOW to be successful online.
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    A bit off topic

    I got that email marketing is very important. How do you build your list and how long does it takes?

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    It's a list of people that are interested in what you offer. They are simply '' clients '' that can buy from you. By email marketing you make sure you connect them by email with your business

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    E-mail marketing reduces the time,cost and effect to reach the clients, it can send real time messages.it also have a ability to create our own messages formats.
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    Originally Posted by fated82 View Post

    Can someone list down all the benefits of email marketing?

    Why is it so important to learn email marketing for your business? Be it online or offline?
    You can reach your targeted audience and customer easily for a low cost.
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    Originally Posted by fated82 View Post

    Can someone list down all the benefits of email marketing?

    Why is it so important to learn email marketing for your business? Be it online or offline?
    It depends on what you're selling and how good you are at email, IMO.

    I doubt there's much benefit to email marketing if you're selling $0.99 iphone covers on eBay, or if you're creating sites to generate advertising revenue from AdSense or something...

    In some cases I'd suggest you're better off spending your time and effort marketing in other ways.

    Email is a relationship tool and I use it for marketing info products and services, primarily. I sell some software by email, too. I've honestly never tried it for physical products. I used to promote treadmills on Amazon as an affiliate and never thought to use email. Maybe I could have.

    The thing is I use it because by building a relationship of trust with subscribers - by giving them the opportunity to get to know me on a more personal level - they'll respond when I recommend an offer. With that in mind, I figure it works best in a market where a subscriber is going to buy a few things, or at least remain interested in the market for a while. With the treadmill thing I figured I was marketing to people who wanted to get in, make a purchase, then get out. They weren't interested in treadmills past the point they wanted to buy one that would suit them, once, and that's it.

    If you're not great at writing emails or building relationships, maybe it's a good idea to steer clear of email or you could burn your reputation completely.

    There have been plenty of lists I've subscribed to then very quickly realized I was just getting generic swipe files. I can't tell you how quickly I've unsubscribed from those lists and vowed never to go near that person again.
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    A quick and short answer here...

    Benefits of Email marketing:
    - build relationship, trust and rapport with your customers
    - a form of targeted marketing approach
    - build a strong and loyal group of followers (similar like Twitter)
    - likely to generate repeated sales/orders from your followers/customers
    - simple and easy way of marketing at relatively low costs
    - email can reach your followers anywhere in the world and anytime
    - strong and accurate analytic tools available in the market to understand your customers' behaviors to fine-tune or re-position your email marketing approach
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    as the famous internet marketing quotes said " The Money is in the list". email marketing is still the most effective way of marketing online because of the relationship you have in your list, so the rate of conversion is very high.
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    As others have said :

    - you form a 1 on 1 relationship with your customers (which is the main reason they buy from you)
    - you can send hundreds to thousands of very interested customers to your offer making you money very quickly
    - it is the best way to have stability when it comes to making money online
    - it is still the number one method people prefer to receive information and be sold to.
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    The real benefit of email marketing is that you have created your own niche "empire". As you promote something, all of them are emailed with your message and read it. Thus, email marketing can simply give you a lot of traffic, as long you are giving them something that values them a lot.
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    It all depends upon content. If the content is eye catchy, then certainly your email marketing campaign is going to work.
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    One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing is its lower cost compared to mainstream marketing channels. Throught email marketing you can Segment your list and target your customers. A second benefit of email marketing is that it can help understand what types of content, products or services customers want.

    Whether you sell products online or products and services in an actual store, email is great at driving sales. According to ExactTarget, 50% of online users bought something as a result of an email which is higher than any other marketing channel. To me, that is one of the most important benefits of email marketing for a business since the ultimate goal is sales.
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      I can generally say email marketing helps you get in touch and maintain good relationship with your clients
      It also helps in doing follow up.With a list of emails you easily follow up with you clients for repeat business or to know of their satisfaction with your products or service and probably suggest for improvement.
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    Email Marketing in simple words means quick results with push of a button. If you want this kinda result then you decide if its important or not.
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