Where is the great Solo Ad thread??

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Yesterday there was a great thread about how to build a solo ad business. that was really great content, I have subscribed to this thread... today it seems to be gone, not listed under my subscriptions and also not in my history where I have asked some questions....
Come on, was this really deleted? WHY? The content was great, did some people feel offended?
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    Probably removed or moved to another part of the forum. I have experienced great threads being moved to the war room before. That might be it, I dunno. It was a great thread thought, solid information anyone can follow.
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    Moral of the story: read, select all, copy, paste.

    Oh, and when the dude gives his Skype name - grab it

    I thought perhaps it had been moved to War Room but I can't find it there either.

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    I did well with solos a few years ago. I had no success a few months ago.
    I am about to do it again though. I am testing all parts of it right now while trying not to make money from it so I don't prejudiced my results.
    My next step is to become a solo ad seller but I do not want to use my own list for that so his little program is idea for me. I think it might be worth 2,000 although I have ways to make it cheaper having my own groups and stuff, so looking at probably 1300 or so. Still worth it if I get most my money back to learn it so I can launch a new product in November on it.
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