Not Making Money, could be one of these three things keeping you down...

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Internet Marketers who want nothing more than to earn money online but continue to fail tend to have one of the following problems listed out below. Well, these are the main problems I've found or the major broken down categories that cause the most failure IMO.

I could easily say something tactical like:

-- they fail because they cannot get traffic
-- they fail because they cannot convert or write copy to save their lives
-- they cannot create an ebook and have zero skills or talents.
-- or whatever

But those are not the TRUE problems IMO. There are deeper reasons why people cannot drive traffic or convert, etc. Here are my big reasons and I TRULY believe that if one changes ONE or ALL of these, big things happen.... FAST!

Try it.

Here they are:

1. The obvious one is activity/action/labor/work. Many in this market hold themselves back because they want a quick fix and the easy button. That's nothing new and it's well documented.

HOWEVER, I see it all day every day. I see people who even tell me that they cannot refrain from chasing the shiny objects. So, even though they know better, they do it anyway like a junkie.

But, to make money, one has to put in the work... the action... the labor... the effort... the production, to make money. One must put in the "cause" to get an "effect".

The true problem here is NEGLECT. Instead of working on a squeeze page and finishing it, most chase shiny objects or spend 90% of their time learning instead of doing. This will ultimately cause failure because nothing happens until one takes action and then gets a result.

We have to put good ideas and inspiration and ambition and our talents, skills, wisdom, experiences and smarts into.... labor/work/action/activity/production.... to get results... then to tweak, tweak those results and continue growing.

HOWEVER, most dont do any of that at all. They spend 90% of their time learning... or chasing the magic button... the shiny object... the quick, hit of hope! That's not action. That's not production. That's not labor. It will not work. You cannot buy or learn your way to income.

How much of your time do you spend learning or chasing some quick fix compared to the amount of time you spend..... SELLING!?? Just this one tweak alone can create substantial results very quickly. Try it.

The next thing that could be holding you down is:

2. Your Philosophies/Beliefs/Filters are wrong or off and that is keeping you from earning money online.

I've seen this a zillion times and it's easy for me to diagnose and probably quite easy for all of you to diagnose in others too, but for those who have "stinking thinking" they often do not realize they have it at all. They are blind to their own self-defeating problem (the way the filter the world).

For example, one can see "lack" everywhere and not even realize it. Many of us know this, that lack mentality can crush your dreams and that you should have abundant mindset, but most have lack.

I've heard people say things like:

-- Well, I have not made money online myself so how can I pick the "Internet Marketing" niche as my niche? I mean, I'm passionate about IM but I would be a liar to sell in this niche and I don't want to lie.

[the answer to this is to sell tools, be the messenger, interview those who have made money, etc etc... there's an answer to anything]

You see, that's having the wrong beliefs/philosophies/filters. Well, this can hold people back from making any money online. They are sabotaging their own success because of their own beliefs or lack mentalities, etc.

In a nutshell, if you are not succeeding it's either because you have the wrong mindset/beliefs/philosophies/filters.... or you are not putting in enough labor/activity/action/production (or both)

The next thing that might be holding you back is:

3. Attitude. Seems like common sense but I've seen hundreds of people up close and personal in this market who have terrible attitudes. I mean HORRIBLE attitudes. They want something for nothing... they are serial refunders and serial blamer's too. They takez zero responsibility and have entitlement attitudes. They spin stuff, blame stuff, twist words, and are just common trolls.

Bitter people, jaded, messed up, perplexed, unhappy, unambitious, lazy as heck, and they want something for nothing. I already said that didn't I? Well, having a bad attitude will close doors faster than anything there is.

Having a bad attitude drives success away. It repels success like Holy Water repels vampires. Success hates bad attitudes and gets as far away from those people as possible.

Most people point their fingers and say, "that's not me, that's them"... but the truth is on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being a perfect ambitious and self confident attitude, I'd rank most I've come across in this market around a 4.

I've worked hard on this and am still working on this. For example, I could easily get upset when I get ridiculed (which happens a lot)... and have had to change my attitude about that over the years. It cost me money. Lots.

An ego? Maybe, and it cost me money... LOTS. What about complacency? INDEED! What about "I"m too good to be doing thaaaattt.... someone else should be doing thhaaattt... not me, I'm the big bad stud marketer".

LOTS of money lost for that attitude my friend. Shall I go on?

Show me someone who is making six figures and I'll show you someone who has a great attitude about "something". AND, show me someone who has been failing for years and I'll show you someone who has problems with their attitudes.

In conclusion

Making money online is all about Traffic and Conversions, period. However, people screw that up because they are people (human beings with emotions, habits, beliefs, problems, attitudes, work ethics, etc)...

Money is just math. Marketing is just sales. However, people screw it up because of the main reasons above. Why is it people cannot get traffic? Maybe it's their attitude, or their lack of "action/labor" or they just believe traffic is too hard and too expensive!

Now, go into labor!

Eric Louviere
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    Great post Eric, and I couldn't agree more!

    I think those who get lost in learning don't realize that there is a difference between learning and actively learning, with the latter requiring actual effort to test the things you learn to discover the flaws in your process. The goal should always be to test, anaylze and refine.

    There will always be those looking for the easiest path to follow, but the one with the least amount of resistence is never as rewarding as the path less traveled.
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    • Profile picture of the author Eric Louviere
      Yes, this is why there are people in this market who have been at this for many years... even a decade! And have had virtually ZERO success. They are busy learning... busy buying... busy being busy with busy type of busy stuff... but are not taking any kind of labor/action/activity/implementation/execution/testing/trying/doing.

      If people did a true audit of their time spent each week, it might be something like this:

      --- 78% spent learning and buying (watching videos, reading PDF's, tutorial videos, reading bizz opportunities, watching sales videos, reading forum posts, FB posts, etc)

      --- 9% jacking with tech stuff, playing with scripts and plugins, software, sites, etc.

      --- 10% on entertainment type busy stuff (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Forums, Chatting, etc)

      --- How much is left, 3%? We will give that towards "doing!"... working on your squeeze page, sending emails to your list, creating your own products, working on your sales video, striking JV deals, recruiting affiliates, etc.

      THREE PERCENT <----- if that!



      How can anyone realistically earn six figures when only 3% is spent on selling or marketing or promoting? Listen, 3% is not good enough to make ANY money at all. Not even "I" can earn big money on only 3% and I'm Eric Louviere. dang.


      But, ANYONE can earn money online if they flip it around and spend 78% of their time on selling, marketing, doing, promoting......... labor/action/production/implementation/execution... right??

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    solid post and one that I very much agree with. Most people fail in this business because they aren't willing to put in the work.

    Hard work combined with smart work is a very deadly combination that cannot be beaten.
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      WELL SAID ERIC! I've never heard anybody equate having a bad attitude
      as the cause of lack of traffic to their sites.

      But it's true...all of these seemingly unrelated and miscellaneous
      parts and pieces in this business have to all be firing on all cylinders!

      If one thing is out of alignment, the whole thing suffers.

      Thanks for the reminder and kick in the pants!

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    You hit the nail on the head Eric.

    MJ Demarco (creator of Millionaire Fastlane) made an excellent point on making money in anything.

    If you wanna make money, stop trying to make money. Create value and people will give you their money..

    I've learned how to get traffic from YouTube videos. Took a while but the journey was well worth it...

    and it was more than just shiny buttons with me. It was friends continuing to tell me about shiny PROGRAMS. I practically put my IM business on hold to promote one business. Made thousands but it hurt my long term goals.

    Learned from that and now I'm very cautious to anything that makes success sound easy.

    Thanks for posting

    Dennis The Marketing Menace
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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  • Profile picture of the author Fazal Mayar
    What a wonderful post Eric. Getting traffic is truely a challenge and that's why most newbies quit.

    Blogger at (Make Money online blog but also promoting ethical internet marketing)

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    • Profile picture of the author Jerry Belcourt
      Good resource Dennis! MJ Demarco's book "Millionaire Fastlane" is
      another way to get your butt kicked and brain trained into becoming
      a seller instead of a buyer.

      But, to anyone reading this.... you are not allowed to read that book
      during the 78% of the time that you should be doing work that matters.
      Get Your *FREE* Internet Business Start Up Guide:
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      What are the reasons for trying to start a business, but being too lazy to take action? Well I figured the root reason must be that you are just too comftable with your current life situation. If you want it bad enough and get seriously hungry for it, that's when the action starts to happen.
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    Great post! I agree with you 99%.

    The 1% isn't even something I disagree with, it's something I'd add...

    There's a huge shift in mindset required to run your own business, whether it's online or anywhere else. Unfortunately, it's something most people have never been exposed to in practice and therefore don't know how to overcome.

    For most people, from the day they were born they were told what to do, how to do it, when to do it and what will happen if they don't. It's how most people are brought up and it's how most education systems are organized. That's all fine if you're going to go on and work for someone else all your life.

    If you're been conditioned to put up your hand and ask permission to speak or go to the toilet you're going to struggle to succeed in an initiative where you're responsible for your own success and no one is holding your hand.

    I don't believe everyone is cut out for this game, though there are certainly a lot of people who could reshape their thinking enough to make it happen.

    For those who can, but don't - that's where attitude, beliefs and work ethic are the culprits.
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    great post and so much things to learn thank you eric for this.
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    Yep, yep and yep...

    I almost didn't reply to this thread because you haven't left much room to add more value Eric :p

    But I have to agree that - these are at the top of my list of reasons as well.

    Folks just have to realize that a business is a business - online or offline - and businesses require work!

    If you are afraid of hard work - then owning a business is probably not right for you.

    Work on your mindset - and get ready to go in to producer mode.

    If you aren't producing value - you aren't going to make money - and unfortunately value = work...

    So - get to work!

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    • Profile picture of the author TheNewGuy2010

      I was thinking the same thing. What could I add, Eric pretty much summed it all up.

      I read the OP about 3 times looking for something that I could list but I couldn't add anything.

      I especially like #2.

      Not to mention, you have to have direction and focus. The discipline that it takes is a journey in itself for a lot. Once people wrap their minds around what it is that thy want to do and go for it, they'll see results.

      My favorite quote:

      "When you want something, all of the
      universe conspires in helping you achieve it."

      (Paulo Coelho)

      Originally Posted by Coby View Post

      Yep, yep and yep...

      I almost didn't reply to this thread because you haven't left much room to add more value Eric :p

      But I have to agree that - these are at the top of my list of reasons as well.

      Folks just have to realize that a business is a business - online or offline - and businesses require work!

      If you are afraid of hard work - then owning a business is probably not right for you.

      Work on your mindset - and get ready to go in to producer mode.

      If you aren't producing value - you aren't going to make money - and unfortunately value = work...

      So - get to work!

      Retired Internet Marketer.
      Gone Fishing....
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  • Profile picture of the author Trey Morgan
    Starting a business online requires people to get out of their comfort zones and work hard. Most of the products sold online are telling people that it is easy to start a business online and make $100 a day.

    It usually takes awhile for someone to come across a post like this or find a genuine person who will tell them that making money online is not easy especially if you're a beginner.

    Making money online becomes easy once you develop the right set of skills and acquire lots of experience through your online venture. That means there is hard work involved.

    Once you begin to respect the process of becoming an online marketer than you will start making money.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Kohler
    Great post! Doing is the hard part, specifically to the point of completion. I think it's fear. People will sit on projects for months because they fear it might not work, or fear people won't like it. Fear is a tough thing to overcome and usually the only way around it is to either plow through it, or find someone that can work with you. That added support is everything.
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