What % of non-IM'er like their job?

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Hey warriors,

So I can remember back to before I was a full timer and the jobs that I used to work at.

Gym instructor
Personal Trainer
Telesales person
Medical device maker

And very rarely in any of those jobs could I have actually said "I like my job"..

Now that I am a full time IM'er I work all the hours that god gives me and I wake up everyday excited to get started..

If you are a full timer or are not I want to know what you do for a living and if you like what you do?

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    I do nothing for a living yet Hope to be a full time marketer though but still busy with school work
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      I am a full time IMer and i like my job very much.
      I feel satisfied with it.
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    I am a truck driver owner operator. I hate it but it pays the bills now
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    I very rarely hear people say they love their job. The last person I spoke to outside of IM that said they loved their job was a postman. I was talking to a nurse the other day and she told me that she only does it for the money, which surprised me as I regard that type of career as a noble pursuit. Most people in their jobs that I know are only in it for the perceived security of a wage, which isn't really secure at all.
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      I'm making the transition to full time Im'er. I currently work as a control room security gaurd... and I must say I love my job... Once I've locked down my site I get to spend the rest of the night on my laptop working on IM
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    I've earned a full-time income online from about a dozen years. The
    5 years prior to that, I earned a decent living online but not enough
    to make me very comfortable. I was also in the military until 2003,
    when I retired, and now draw a pension... so I'd always have some
    income even if I did absolutely nothing.

    Today, I do love getting up, walking about 2 minutes to my home
    office, and doing the things that I love. Even when I am not
    "working" I am often working, which suggests to me that I really
    do enjoy it.

    For example, while I'm out walking, I'm often making notes to
    myself in the "Notes" app on my iPhone. I also use the voice
    recorder on my iPhone when great ideas spring to mind while I'm
    out walking or driving.

    I also often see things while out and about that I video on my
    iPhone because they strike me as something that I can tie into
    my marketing.

    The fact that I think so much of my online business even when
    not on the computer, suggests to me that I actually must really
    enjoy my "job."


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    I am a full time IMer, which means I don't have a job, I do whatever I want whenever I want. Isn't that the point?
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    Some people have a lot of free time but no money, some people have no time but make money. Internet marketers have both!

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    I hate my job.

    Launching a product soon that'll provide a good income and hopefully allow me to earn a full time income on auto pilot.
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  • Iam a HGV driver i don't love my job but i do enjoy it and will be sorry to leave when i get to the point of making a full-time income online...

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    I am in IT and I love my job. It has its bad days, but for the most part it's great and it's super flexible. That being said, I'm here both for personal and professional reasons, and one day I'd still like to work for myself full time and have greater flexibility than I do now.
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    I like my "job." Don't have one
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    I am a civil engineer, and a part time personal trainer. I love being a personal trainer and it is my passion but nowadays its over saturated and its hard to get clients. That is why i am focusing on marketing anything fitness related online. I LOVE internet marketing, i get excited when i even think about it. my two loves; fitness and being on the computer and those 2 together have helped me to get to where i am today, which is pennies a month, but its more pennies then i had before
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    I did like some of the jobs I used to do but I admit that writing and proofreading gives me far more pleasure because I am my own boss and make the decisions as to what to do.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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      On a forum like this, don't expect a lot of happy employees to raise their hands and testify. Even if they do love their jobs, they won't say it without some kind of qualifier (as you've seen above).
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    I love IM. It's my PASSION. I don't feel like i'm working at all most of the time. That's true passion. Just like you, i wake up SUPER EXCITED, super!!!
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    I enjoy my day job!

    I work as a trainee at a wealth management firm.

    I also love what I do online, too. Sadly, this normally leads to me having no free time on my hands!

    If I didn't love what I do, I wouldn't be currently juggling the following:

    - Working 9-5
    - Studying for financial advisory qualifications
    - Working on my own blog/list-building in a nutrition/weight loss niche
    - Doing research for it^^^^^
    - Reading about & slowly self-teaching copywriting on the side

    On top of all of that, whenever I'm not working, I'm always thinking about it ... how I could leverage my finance experience in the (digital) marketing world, different aspects of personal finance, dreaming of setting up my own IFA firm (years from now), how I'd accomplish this, what area of financial advice/wealth management I'd like to go into, different services/products/businesses that I could set up online (and offline) in the personal finance field etc..

    It really is hard to get my mind away from it sometimes, even when out with friends.

    I suppose it's good that I have something to keep me out of trouble, however!

    This is a great thread, by the way. It's always nice to know others are passionate about what they do (whatever that may be).
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    I'm a software developer, we've a small company with 25-30 employees and I've been online too since 2007 as part time IMer. But ,today, there's a big doubt that will I be able to continue IM after the marriage because my GF hates to all IMers as a side effect of her broken first love. Yes, her Ex also was an IMer, fortunately, she still doesn't know that me too.........

    So, what to do except loving to job?

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    I took very early retirement from my nursing job 2 years ago and lasted a whole month.

    I'm a person who needs other people around me (some of the time anyway), and I find just working from home very isolating. So I have the best of both worlds now. I work a couple of days on the bank at our local hospital and a couple of days or so a week on my Internet biz. It works for me

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    I love my job... of not working!
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    I ever met on person in my life who loves his job, but he gets paid 200 per hour providing his service.

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      Originally Posted by misshang View Post

      I ever met on person in my life who loves his job, but he gets paid 200 per hour providing his service.
      How many hours does he work per week?

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    I love my job as a Nurse, wouldn't trade it for Im even though I'm making more money there right now.

    I work 72 hours a week, get paid for 40, four days off. I get to do what I want in my spare time and if I pick the right place to work that doesn't crap load patients on you and you can actually do your job, get alot of smiles through the day and know I made a difference.
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    I was a graphic designer once I was young, and I do love my job (but the only thing is that it's not stable for me) until I am a full time SEO specialist and internet marketer.
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  • I actually worked as a scientist after graduating from college (marine molecular biology, haha!). I loved the science but what they don't tell about working in research is that it's much about politics as it is about the science. I hated the politics so bad I quit and worked in corporate for a while as a medical information analyst. I loved the job and hated the corporate lifestyle (working to hard, too much competition).

    I can't say I loved working as a VA when I first started out but I have grown to love it, especially after I was exposed to the technical aspects of the job (programming, SEO, Google webmaster). There's a lot less BS when it comes to dealing with IM'ers (as compared to dealing with tenure-hungry scientists or promotion hungry junior execs), I have work flexibility, and I'm earning well. I do miss working in the lab though, sometimes =)
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    I would like to say this.
    The grass is always greener on the other side. You just have new brown spots you have to step over is all.
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    I'm a full time IM-er, answer to no one except for my wife and I love every second of every day.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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  • Profile picture of the author Ted Stevenson
    Almost everyone hates their job, especially with so many people being unemployed right now. People are taking whatever they can get. We all dream of making money online and working for ourselves one day.
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