Need Websites brought into Xsitepro w/ "Silo Structure" - for fee

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I was about to post this as a project on Elance, but figured Why not see if a Warrior could do it?

I have a couple of Websites that were originally created with PPCRiches quite some time ago and forgotten. I've recently dug them up, and found that many of the pages are indexed with decent keyword rankings. I'm going to turn them into Adsense sites.

They were created with a pretty straightforward silo/folder structure. I want to 'recreate' the entire structure in Xsitepro (I use version 2 with supports folders via siloing).

The job is to copy each page into an Xsitepro page, retaining exact file names. Most of the pages are .php.

Essentially, it's a LOT of copying & pasting, and requires an understanding (and owning!) of Xsitepro 2.

If you're interested, please PM me.


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