Can the "pro's" recommend a good daily strategic marketing plan please?

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I'm in IM now for well over a year and I've had my share of success but I fail to stick to a daily, consistent marketing plan.

I can write pretty good keyword enhanced bum articles, but I would like some recommendations on what a great daily marketing strategy plan would be.

Can anyone assist? I know I'll get plenty of random views from different people and I'm sure the number one thing I'll hear is "there is no such thing as one strategic marketing plan,it depends, etc, etc , etc"....

This is great and all, but I believe that there is a main plan that would work for just about anyone. Especially someone that is familiar with article writing, and other marketing tactics etc. (so not a newbie)

So please, only positive, motivational

I would like to focus mainly on free marketing tactics as I don't really wanna spend that much money on marketing(I've actually never really spent any significant cash on marketing yet still had great results).

I was thinking perhaps to write one bum article a day(submit to eza and 3 other top directories), submit 10 yahoo answers daily, and social bookmark to 15 top social bookmarking sites. Oh and of course also one post to my blog daily.

I have my own products that I currently market.

Can anyone recommend anyway in which I can re-enforce this plan of action?

What I am hoping is that I can gain some motivation from you guys, the ones that are making it daily, consistently.

I also hope that the responses can motivate other IM'ers that struggle with the problem of procrastination and lack of consistency. I really feel that this lack is what really screws things up.

Thank you guys in advance for any motivational feedback.


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