What's the difference between an article and a blog post?

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Aren't they pretty much the same thing? Your thoughts, please.
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    Originally Posted by DoubleOhDave View Post

    Aren't they pretty much the same thing? Your thoughts, please.
    They can be, and often are on many blogs/sites, and the lines are blurring more every day.

    Typically, blog posts tend to be shorter and less formal. Articles tend to be longer and more formal. The main exception I've seen is the tutorial post, which can span several pages and run to the length of what many IMers consider a "book" (8-10 pages).

    Another difference used to be the presence of, and encouragement of, comments, but the autospammers have forced many blogs to quit accepting comments.

    Call a piece of content an article, a blog post, or Stanley - the main thing is to get it in front of human eyeballs attached to someone who wants that content.
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      Per Websters:

      Article: a piece of writing included with others in a newspaper, magazine, or other publication.

      Blog Post: To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog.

      China Newz

      China Newz is a blog introducing China's history, culture, people and places.


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    -An article is any piece of written material.

    -A blog post is any piece of material (written, video, picture) posted on a blog.
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    You all answered along the same lines as I was thinking. I just wonder why anyone makes any distinction anymore... It's all writing of information pieces..
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