How to succeed with document sharing sites?

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Hi, this is Max. I'm thinking of giving away good quality PDF reports. Here and there on the web you can find an advice to submit them to document sharing sites. Slideshare and Scribed are told to be wonderful traffic generators while most documents out there receive a dozen views per year. Basic tips and tricks like write good content, write good optimized descriptions, use tags, etc just don't work. Even if your documents show up on first pages of Google for some good keywords it doesn't bring views. On Slideshare you can get around 200 views the first day you put your content there, tomorrow it's 5, then 0. Bottom line - a few visits to your site. Scribd - around 30 views the first day, 1-2 tomorrow, 0. Bottom line - nothing. It's always the same.

It's also recommended to submit your documents to file hosting sites where your stuff is only stored, nobody is searching for anything, no community within. The only "benefit" - the descriptions of your files are indexed in Google. But it has to be at least on the first page for a competitive keyword which is a useless challenge.

Meantime there's a lotta buzz on the internet: "Document sharing sites! Wow, wow, wow! Get tons of traffic! I get tons of free traffic from there! Simple! Free, do you hear me? Free! C'mon you too! Work and get it! Here's the list of them! C'mon they're awesome!''

This annoys me. Is it just a goofy noise or people really succeed there somehow they don't tell us? Am I doing something wrong? What's your experience? Thanks.
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    I have done doc share sites as traffic getters and they are not all that great for it. As an example I put up 1 1,200+ word article on 10 doc sites. I then waited until they were indexed.

    I put that same article on Ezine Articles. I got maybe 80 visitors a month (960 a year) from doc share and I got over 350,000 views with Ezine with about 19,250 visitors.

    Then from Ezine the article got syndicated with a pretty decent zine and I got another 7,500 + visitors from that.

    Does this happen every article? I wish, but no. I get maybe 1 out of 12 or so that will hit.

    My point was comparing the same article in doc sites and other methods.
    Is it worth it to put it in doc sites too? Yes, I sue software and so it takes 5 min total. So, you take this info and you decide what to do with it.

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    They do search the file hosting sites. I use filetube to search them all the time.
    I have never had great success with Document sharing sites and views and I spent some money with my seo guy to work it for me and he is excellent.
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