Videos VS eBooks - Which Is Better?

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Hi guys,

Videos vs eBooks = which do you prefer to buy?

I personally prefer videos because I feel that it's more interactive and easy to understand. eBooks are just plain boring to me.

What do you think?
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    Do an ebook first, and price it at like $17 or 27 (depending on subject/content). Then release a video a few months later (or whenever) at 47 or 67, and be sure in the ebook to mention that you'll release a video that will contain more information that was in the ebook.

    That's what I'd do anyway.

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    Videos - harder to produce, priced higher
    eBooks - easier to produce, priced lower

    So in a way I think it would depend on your market.

    Some people prefer to read and some prefer to watch.

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    Some things are better said in an eBook and some things are better said in a video. Offering the combination of the two creates a 'System' that people perceive as a higher value. Do both.
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    The combination of ebooks and videos to create a course can create MASSIVE perceived value if you do it right.

    I say both, if it's applicable to your product.



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      I've never quite understood why videos have a higher perceived value! They're easier to produce if you use PowerPoint or just stand and talk, you can't (easily) 'read' them in the bath or on a bus, you can't underline bits, a pdf is much easier to skim through and find a specific section in, and video files take up much more space on your hard drive.

      The exception is instructional videos which show you how to do something on a web site or with a piece of software. But to be of value (to me), whatever they're showing needs to be something you can't easily get from the manual

      Guess I'm of the old school but I much prefer pdfs.

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    yes i say both.

    I agree with above points,but like to add..
    It's more of a convenience thing.
    Sometimes i'd rather get the info in a pdf that i can read later or now if its impossible to watch a video.
    Plus sometimes it can be hard remembering what was said in a video,so its good to have something to refer to.(maybe thats just me)

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    video all the way, showing you excactly what to do
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    Videos of course. They are valued much higher. The users can understand what you are telling to say quicker than an ebook. People generally don't like to read too much. Any person would get bored after 30 pages of an ebook. In one sentence - It adds more professionalism!


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    Personally, the videos, especially the ones with audio are virtually worthless because I am deaf and these videos comes without any close caption or subtitles so a slideshow is more valuable to me than a speaker. But I would encourage doing a mixture of both.

    I am currently working on a few "whitepapers" and ebooks myself. Been thinking about videos as an "add on" value.

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    I have to agree with Dawg. Ebook first, then videos.

    I'm about to release an ebook (most likely this weekend or Monday) on how to create a website. Mine is geared toward newbies who want to get started online.

    When they buy the book they will get access to a members area of the site also. I've got the ebook done, and am putting the finishing touches on the first bit of content in the members area of the site.

    I haven't done many videos yet, but I am going to create some videos of me showing them the steps to create a website. The videos once done will become an upsell for everyone who gets the ebook.

    I'm not real sure about the price yet. I might release it for free to build a list, but I'm also considering pricing it in the $20 to $30 range. The videos will probably run in the $60 to $70 range once I finish them, with a OTO to my list and anyone who comes and downloads the ebook after that for $37.

    After they are on my list I will share with them ideas for how they can make money with their website.

    But that is my plan. Ebook first either for free or low entry price, then upsell videos after they are complete.

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      I think it depends on your market, for example I believe it is easier to learn from watching someone on a video show you the process step by step rather than read an e-book and sometimes not being sure of the exact process to follow.
      For teaching video is better in my opinion, but the end result is whether someone is willing to pay the extra cost for a video product as opposed to an e-book.

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        If the ebook contains a lot of relevant graphical tutorials,of course I'd prefer ebook compared to videos which are always priced high and expensive. However if I'm in your place I'd first write an ebook and do a simple video based on the ebook contents to guide your customers in a better way.
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    A agree with Droopy Dawg. Do both and capture both markets.
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    Both. You have to give the information to your customers in
    the format that they prefer to consume it in.

    In fact, while doing the video AND ebook, also do an MP3.


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    Thanks for the input guys.

    I can't do excellent videos yet despite I have camtasia and great slides on my powerpoint. The problem is with my accent. LOL
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  • Profile picture of the author Aliaksandr
    Do both. People want to walked through things that's why video is so important. People want you to hold their hand through the entire process that's why video is "better" Like someone said before me some things are better said in an ebook and some are better with a video.
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    Actually you should do all 3. eBook, Audio, and Video. Different people prefer different mediums. Create the eBook, and then turn it into an audio... or if you are using camtasia you can actually export your audio track as an mp3. So you have all 3 mediums that will appeal to the largest demographic.

    ebooks are good for list building, and audios are good as you can submit them to podcasting directories, and video is good as you can upload teaser videos to sites like youtube.

    My personal preference depends on the quality. If someone has loaded their product with a lot of fluff and bs chit chat... I honestly would prefer an ebook so I can just skim past the filler material. If the quality is good and free of the bs kind of material then I would prefer an audio or video.

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  • Profile picture of the author Pureland
    I would definitely go with video.
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