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hey i'm new to the whole making money online. I see alot about SEO, PPC, Affiliate network, bulding a list, etc... but I have no idea what any of these things means. I was wondering if there was a place that explains all these thing to a newbie. Also, where is the best place to start?

Thank you
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    Don't make it complicated.
    1. Decide what niche topic will work for you (something you'll enjoy, you have skills or could learn them, one that is profitable).
    2. Decide what it is you can offer people (either your own products or promoting someone elses products = affiliate marketing - make sure they are good quality)
    3. Find out the websites that people who need what you can offer are hanging out (forums, blogs, article directories, youtube, etc)
    4. Make yourself visible on those sites and offer something for free that you know they will want.
    5. Use that gift to build an email list (a list of people who have agreed to receive emails from you) You will need an auto responder account for this to send emails out on auto pilot.
    6. Send valuable emails to your email list and offer them what they need (the paid products).
    Start there and then you can build on that.
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    Don't be lazy, no one is going to tell you exactly what to do. You have to read and learn for at least a while and then ask relevant specific questions that deserve an answer. Start by readin all the stickies on all the warrior forums!
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    The whole thing is called internet marketing. There can be multiple good ways to start, but this depends more on your personal situation, goals, skills - and motivation. Basically for most internet marketers the motivation is independence and the ability to work from home (or from anywhere else in the world, where you can get a decent internet connection).

    One of the major decisions might be, if you prefer working as an affiliate, or create your own products (working as merchant). For most people, affiliate marketing is the best way to get started, because you need not to create a product, nor do you have to deliver anything, do any customer service or run all the administrative tasks that a merchant must cope with.

    As an affiliate you simply promote other people's products and receive a commission upon successful sale. Another such way is making money with Google Adsense, which basically is nothing else than being an Affilite on PPC (Pay per Click) basis, rather than PPS (Pay per Sale) as with most affiliate programs.

    Be it affiliate, or Adsense only, you should have (or develop) the ability to build run your own blog(s) or website(s). Sounds a little techy, but it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

    More complicated will be to stay motivated for a long time. Because internet marketing - no matter if being affiliate or merchant - is not for those that expect overnight riches without lifting a finger! (despite to what people are sometimes trying to tell).

    All The Best,

    Visit: http://shop.immediate-download.com/affiliates/
    Affiliates earn 60% commissions on ALL our products! Multiple niches!

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    As mentioned above start of in a niche you know about or passionate about or a skill your good,

    here are some links that Alexa posted on a thread on info for list building. take a look here http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...uild-list.html


    Just Take time and go though this forum use the search feature up top and learn & learn oh an a lot more learning
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    Pick a niche you really care about and not one that just seems attractive to you for making money. Really, really stick with that! I mean it - jumping from one shiny object to another is the downfall of every aspiring marketer. Just stay focused on the niche you are in. Sure, you can jump to another - after you get the first one up and profitable!

    You can have a great site, good enough content, nice graphics and a ton of flashy plugins, but the guy with nothing but a text site and a bucket load of passion who takes action rather than always trying to learn a quick fix for cash will make more money.
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    Originally Posted by nharnia View Post

    hey i'm new to the whole making money online. I see alot about SEO, PPC, Affiliate network, bulding a list, etc... but I have no idea what any of these things means. I was wondering if there was a place that explains all these thing to a newbie. Also, where is the best place to start?

    Thank you
    Then you've come to the right place! Start by reading some of the threads, lots of great information has been posted.


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    Then give them what they want.

    Here is a great place to begin.

    Hope this helps
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    nharnia, welcome to IM!

    There are a lot of bright-and-shiny objects in this business, so avoid anything that promises overnight wealth.

    The overall process of marketing is quite simple, and some of that has been touched on here. - this process works, it's easy to understand, and it's repeatable.

    - identify your passion
    - select a profitable niche (hopefully that aligns with your passion)
    - build and maintain a list of people looking for info/service/products in that niche
    - recommend products of value to your list
    Kindest regards,

    Greg Ray

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    I've found that the best place to start is by offering a service. Is there something that you can do well that other people would pay for?

    You could offer your services as a...

    Freelance writer
    Writer's assistant
    Data entry person
    Virtual assistant

    Or, maybe you give great relationship advice, who knows?

    It's a lot easier to start out when you have a service to offer because tons of people would rather pay someone else to do something than do it themselves.

    As you offer your services, you can create a site for yourself and learn how to build a business. Pretty much everything you would do with marketing a product is going to be the same: building a list, marketing yourself, building relationships with others etc.

    The difference is that it's usually a lot easier and faster to make money when you're just starting when you have a service to offer (and in my opinion, you learn a lot more) than it is to try any of the methods you mentioned.

    Hope that helps.

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    Getting started in IM can be a complete minefield so I would start by reading posts here on the Warrior Forum - you can find information on pretty much everything. Also maybe read some ebooks and articles that are aimed at beginners.

    Like others have advised, go for something you really like and feel passionate about. it will make it that much enjoyable for you
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      You probably could consider getting a mentor or a coach or someone to guide you through the whole online money making ideas.It will work for you now and as you develop you online money making career
      Good luck!
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    Start even simpler than that. Instead of learning about methods, learn about markets first. Picking who to sell to is as important as the tools you choose to sell to.

    In my beginning days, I wasted a year chasing an idea that was doomed to fail because I simply didn't choose the right niche to start with.
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