How to sell websites quickly?

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Because im busy with my study,I want to sell my two websites,but i dont have enough time to do that.
Who can help me to sell them?
How about %50 commission
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    You can list them on Flippa if you wish. But it will cost you $9 plus 15% success fee if you are able to sell your website
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      A quick correction on that: if you're listing a brand-new website and you think it will sell for less than $200, it makes sense to use our $9 listing with a 15% success fee; if you think the site will fetch more than $200, though, you're much better off with a standard listing ($29, 5% success fee).
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    You can simply go to Flippa and list it, but you may also look at other website marketplaces on the web. Forums with "Buy and Sell" websites are also good for you to sell websites quickly.
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      This may be more then you want to know, but fellow Warrior Snowclone has a terrific WSO on flipping websites.

      He then came out with a quick flip method as well. This is not theory, but stuff he actually does. The main thing I got out of it was how he builds and flips sites for good money based on potential and not on the income the site is creating.

      You may be able to pick up some good tips on getting your 2 sites ready and then how to set up the flip at Flippa the correct way to get the most money out of it.
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    How much do the sites currently make per month?
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      List them on Flippa and just wait for bids,it doesn't require you to use allot of your time.
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        Yeah go for an auction site like ebay or or flippa and simply list it. How hard can it be?
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    Flippa is a great place to sell your websites.Try it

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    In order for you to list your website in a quicker way, Flippa is the best choice. But you need to pay to list it, but the returns will be higher than what you have spent on Flippa.
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    Is there any other easy Way instead of Flippa?
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      Originally Posted by Deepikasri View Post

      Is there any other easy Way instead of Flippa?
      Flippa have the buyers
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    Just go to and list your site.

    If your site has revenue and traffic with proofs then, you should have a very good sale.

    if no revenue and sale, you can still sell if for some decent price.

    Established site listing fee is $29 while the listing fee of startup site is $9 with 15% success fee.

    While your auction is live, respond to questions and comments of your bidders promptly.
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