How to increase traffic on a website?

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I have a website and i want to generate more traffic on it with only white hat SEO techniques.please suggest me the current effective white hat techniques for generating more traffic.

thank you

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    Well if it's about SEO, I would do the classical onsite SEO things like title, keywords, headers, and so on, just search on google or here at the forum for onsite SEO and you find tons of free content about that.
    For offsite SEO start to build backlinks from related blogs, forums, directories and so on. And be sure that you put your keywords into the link names....
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      Hi shown1980eha

      Does your website have any social media presence? You could create, for example, a Facebook page, Twitter account, etc., build your followers, then direct them to your site?
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    Yes every night needs an online social presence now so that should be the next route you go down i think.


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    Quality content based on the right keywords added regularly will do the trick. It's not an overnight thing but it works, its safe and if you get it right it will stick.
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    you have to familiar with SEO methods to do this. on page/off page optimatization, choosing right keyword, searching profitable keyword. Build backlink. It time consuming.

    Why don't use social media to spread your website. You can use facebook page, twitter, pinterest or another social media. If they like your content, they will spread your word.
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    Guest posting
    Social Bookmarking
    Create video
    Social Media
    Web 2.0

    Make good content for your costumer.. Don't forget you must give value to your reader

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    Hey, just a few seconds ago I replied to a thread similar to this about getting traffic. Here's what I said.

    As you can see, SEO isn't going to work for you. At least not until your blog has grown substantially. If I was you I would stay away from SEO from the time being.

    If you're scared of advertising then maybe you should try out free methods. There are so so many free ways of getting traffic.

    Social media marketing
    Video marketing
    Email marketing
    Article marketing
    Web 2.0
    Solo ads
    Media buying

    The point is that there are endless amounts of ways to get traffic to your site, however that doesn't mean you should try focus on 20 methods at once. Instead, pick a few methods and stick with them.

    If I was you, I'd go with social media, video, forums, and build a list. I'd also so a small bit of SEO. The most I would do is search engine optimize my posts, don't bother building links. Your blog is only new and has a slim chance of getting in the search engines.

    Instead, give Google what they want. Don't just write the usual 500 word articles and publish them. Only publish AMAZING content. This is what will make you stand out from the competition. You'll build an audience WAY quicker this way, and you'll have more chance of getting ranked in the search engines.

    From my results, five 500 word article did not get me half as much traffic as one 2000+ word article. It's about quality, not quantity. Forget about trying to publish as much content as possible and start thinking about publishing the best content possible.

    Another I recommend you to do is build a list from day one. The most important thing you need to worry about with your list is building a strong relationship with your subscribers, and NEVER spamming them, or sending worthless content, etc. Send your subscribers the best of the best content. Gain their trust and they'll buy from you over and over again.

    If you need any more help, just ask. I'd be glad to help.
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    Build quality backlinks. Guest post and comment on related blogs and forums. Creating a facebook page for your product also gets you ranked.
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      Try out with
      Social Media Presence
      Forum Posting
      Blog commenting
      and Link building
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    SEO and social marketing are both fool proof ways to gain traffic. If you have a budget, PPC is your next best solution
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    I would say that your best bet with that kind of a website would be guest blogging provided that you can find active blogs surrounding your niche. Posts on such blogs would actually generate traffic that converts for you.
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