Simplest tool to create a website???

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Hello fellow warriors,

I have very weak technical skills and I struggle to make websites, especially make them look good.

I'm wondering what is the simplest tools to use to make a website? I do have dreamweaver but I find it hard to start from scratch.

Is there a plug-in for wordpress that makes it easy to work with ready-made templates? Or something I can use for dreaweaver?

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    Wordpress has tons of themes you can install and help you design your site....

    and easy one would be to create a page.
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      You could also try Wix? I'm pretty sure it has a number of themes, although not sure how good they are :/

      The alternative would be to hire a freelancer on if you're happy enough to part with some cash?
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      Originally Posted by surffab View Post

      Wordpress has tons of themes you can install and help you design your site....

      and easy one would be to create a page.
      I quite agree, WordPress is the way to go. It is simple and straight forward, there are tons of themes and hundreds of free tutorials to help you, both through Google or You tube.
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    Unless you are a designer, then why are you trying to build sites from scratch?

    There is no need! Google 'Wordpress themes' and you will see thousands of themes already built, and if you need modifications, get someone on Elance to do it for you.
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    Outsourcing would be your best option if you don't know that tech stuff. I am in the same boat so I can relate.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    Wordpress all the way! I have been in the game 10 years now but pretty much use wordpress for all my sites now bar some of my forums etc


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    WordPress and Dreamweaver are as easy as it gets.

    Dreamweaver as you know is a development tool / also a wyswyg editor.

    Wordpress is actually a content management system and is exponentially easier in my opinion.

    With WordPress, your ability to create dashing content will be determined by the theme you select.

    I recommend StudioPress / Genesis framework.

    I'm not familiar with any ready made templates.. Instead I would recommend learning WordPress; it's truly the easiest method to generate a decent website with minimal skills.
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    It all depends on what you're needing to use the website for. For example, if you need advanced functions with specific needs, then WordPress may not offer that. I'd look around before purchasing any theme, particularly if your website must contain certain scripts.

    Also note that if you create your own website, or get someone to make you a website, then you will be able to modify anything to suit the purpose of the websites. That being said, given your lack of understanding in terms of technology, I'd suggest you work with WordPress.
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    Really depends on what you require. As mentioned there are hundreds of great WP themes to choose from. If you prefer a minisite (HTML sales page) there are a huge number of fantastic providers right here on WF. Check out Warriors for hire, you can't go wrong.
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    The simplest way to make OK looking websites is with a program called Artisteer. It's a Windows program that you can change the design and colors of your site and save it to WordPress theme. I'm saying OK because you can definitely do some great designs, but not being a designer you're limited to what the program itself will do without the help of all custom graphics. That being said, our graphic designer started with Artisteer and loved it until she hit a wall and found it somewhat limiting.

    Artisteer - web design software and joomla template maker

    She then moved on to Headway and loves it. It's a drag and drop WordPress theme builder. It's definitely a lot more advanced than Artisteer, but you really need to be good with Photoshop or similar to make visually appealing sites.

    I know some Warriors here released theme packs generated with Artisteer in the past, so there are some that use it, but there are others that haven't had the best experiences with it. I say download their demo and give it a whirl before committing to it.
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    I had a client that came to me and had signed up with GoDaddy -- bought InstaBuilder.. she found it to be too simplistic (agreed!!).

    100% I would go with Wordpress and download a Wordpress theme- Genesis is my favourite
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    i read that xsitepro is a good one
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      Originally Posted by jumpman233345 View Post

      i read that xsitepro is a good one
      Yep. I've built some cracking websites with XsitePro. Could do with a bit of an update though, perhaps making it responsive. More and more people are viewing with tablets and phones today so it makes sense to factor that into the equation.
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    Download Kompozer. It is free and easy. Also, a joy to use. Best news is your cost is zero. Most good programs are expensive. However, not this one. Please do enjoy.
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    I used Dreamweaver since many years. I learned it by myself following the tutorials available in the "Help" menu (versions from Macromedia) and searching on Google to find answers when I was stuck.

    Today, I work with both, DW and WordPress and I agree with many that WordPress is the easiest solution for a newbie or someone with less techie knowledge.

    A freelancer is also a good solution for you at this time, you can even find some good ones on Fiverr.
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    Easiest way is to find a wordpress theme and have it installed.

    To modify the page, you can use "What You See Is What You Get" types of software like Kompozer.

    To do that, you need to download the whole page. Use Httrack(you can find it via google, it'a a webpage download tool).

    Then open the downloaded page and edit it with Kompozer.

    Hope this helps.
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    Unless you already know HTML, then just stick to installing Wordpress themes.

    Or if you want something even simpler, then weebly is your choice. Simple drag and drop website creation. Super easy!
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    I started building my websites using Joomla, that`s until I found out how easy it is to create websites using wordpress.. Try it, you`ll have a great time building your website.
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      I agree Dreamweaver is not the ideal tool for internet marketers and affiliate sites, since it is too time-consuming, too much distracting and too complicated to build sites with it.

      To make money on the internet, you need a FAST solution (indepent from if you know HTML coding or if you are a 100% newbie).

      I'd go with XSitePro, for HTML based sites (the content will be physically stored on your server, which has certain advantages). You do not need to know HTML with xSitePro, the software does it all for you.

      Option Wordpress Blog (go, NOT, for content managed sites in a database. If you go with wordpress I would recommend to enable mod-rewrite, so it simulates physical URLs of your pages, which is better for SEO.

      Personally I use both, XSitePro for "real" Websites and Wordpress for my blogs.

      All The Best,

      Affiliates earn 60% commissions on ALL our products! Multiple niches!

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        I would also consider Weebly. I have just started a site on that platform and am really pleased with the results so far

        "Theater, sports, movies, and church are all driven primarily by an ancient desire to be in each other’s proximity." ~David Marcus~
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    Mark, it really depends on what kinds of websites you want to build and what you're going to use them for.

    For my basic websites I use both Coffeecup HTML Editor and the WYSIWYG Visual Site Designer:

    The HTML Editor - Your best Web design friend | CoffeeCup Software (not an affiliate link)

    Visual Site Designer - True WYSIWYG web design software | CoffeeCup Software (not an affiliate link)

    For more complicated websites I hire a web designer since I'm also low on the technical stuff. I know basic HTML and CSS and know how the elements work together, but if you start getting into graphics, scripts, or even creating a database, forget it, I outsource that stuff.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    Wordpress is the simplest tool. You don't even need a plugin. Wordpress is good out of the box.
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    I have built sites from scratch with DW but have moved on to Wordpress. About 4 or 5 years ago I was working on a WP site in DW but do not remember how. It can be done. Try Googling it
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      I have used many other tools but the best of all is WordPress
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    I have to agree but building them with a program like Dreamweaver you learn a lot about HTML. You can use a template or create your own design from scratch. You have a lot of freedom. I was about to do a site from scratch but changed my mind.WP is 2 easy to get up and running quickly!
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