Marketing Mysteries Uncovered with Fantastic Seldom Used Free WF Tool

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I was just going to post a comment on a Warrior's thread when I decided to use the Search function of the forum just for old time's sake.

You see, I had used it before, a long time ago, but had kind of gotten out of the habit because I'm lazy. It's easier to just slap up a new thread and have somebody else find the solution to my mystery for me.

I did a search (in quotes) on the exact name of the web site that was being referred to in the thread.

Low and behold, the search function returned 90 threads with every bit of information the OP could ever want on the site in question.

Now I'm not one to judge the OP or his thread, but I was just thinking to myself . . .

"What if everyone did a search on the relevant topic prior to posting a new thread?"

Then I came to my senses and realized that this just wouldn't seem like the same old place anymore.

So now I'm posting this thread even though, if I weren't so lazy, I could do a search of "Search" and find all the information I could ever use on search.

You gotta love it here,

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    But at the same time, I am glad that people are constantly asking the same questions all the time, because in the ever changing world of IM methods age at a surprising rate. Yes there are evergreen ways of marketing (youtube, forums, blog commenting) but I find myself learning new things everyday on threads about the same topics. This place really is like an ever up-to-date newspaper luring me in everyday.

    Here's to the Warriors!

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