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What affiliate network do you recommend for me? I have the exclusive rights to a series of children's books (nutrition, projects et al) that sold 800K plus in total copies back in the 90s. The original author has refreshed the content, and I'm getting part of it on the web for the initial launch this week.

The content has verifiable endorsements from Julia Child, People Magazine, the Boston Globe and a few other places, so I am hopeful that we can catch fire.

I've got a plan for what I want to do to promote except for the affiliate marketing. Been reading through the comments here, and while I think I'm a smart guy, I'm at sea about which network to start with or if I should even use a network at all. I've used clickbank in the past for a much smaller project, and wasn't impressed with how I was treated.

So if this was your project, where would you go? Thanks!
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