Can you import paypal subscriptions from one acc 2 another?

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Hey Guys,

Title says it all.

IS there a way to import the subscriptions you have in one paypal account, over so they are paid into another account?

Any ideas appreciated.

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    Hey Andrew,

    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think so. My suspicions come from over at SitePoint.

    Some of the sites that have been for sale on the Marketplace are membership type sites that use paypal for recurring payments (ie: subscriptions). While browsing related messages on Sitepoint, I've read that transferring subscription info from one pp account to another isn't allowed. As such, it's always an issue when buying a membership site whose subscriptions are maintained by Paypal.

    Still, you may want to ask paypal directly.

    Hope this helps. Peace!

    - Jay
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    The correct way to do it would probably be to set up a company that just owns the site, then have that company get a PayPal account, then when selling, sell the company rather than the site. That way the company would still have the PayPal account.

    Or use a merchant account instead.
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    Hey Andrew,

    The only way I would assume to do this without disrupting the money flow or having to ask your subscribers to renew their subscriptions would be to first [i]disassociate[/b] the subscription receiving email address from the original account and associate the same subscription receiving email address to the new PayPal account.

    Now, don't quote me on this; as I've never done this before. I'm just speaking from a logical standpoint. It would definitely be wise to consult with PayPal directly, before doing anything.

    That being said, IF they allow this, more than likely the "transaction history" of all the subscription fees "already paid" will remain in the original account's history; (PayPal's history server is their weakest link).

    Yet, if you're practicing good accounting principles, you'll already have a sub-system backing up all of your transactions, anyway. Right?

    Hope this helps...
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    The idea about selling the entire company is the right way to go for this one. You would need to sell the company in its entirety, making sure that the new owner changed the profile information in the Paypal account (billing address, bank acct info, etc... ).

    Brian Rooney, CEO Email Marketing AutoResponders
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