I have a problem in getting 500 visitors per day

by missed
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I'm using blog commenting , social media and youtube and only having 60-70 visitors daily ,not to mention 30 visitors for some days. I need a strategy to stick with that provide at least 500 views daily. Thanks for your time.
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    60/70 visitors a day may not seem like many, but you need to think more about converting them to customers at least as much as getting more. No point in having more if none of them make you any money.
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    Usually, I make sales when I have more than 200 views a day , but I can't have this amount of traffic constant, this is my problem
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    What are you doing with these visitors and why do you only get sales when you reach 200 visitors? You need to use a funnel and convert these visitors into customers and sales.

    Start by building the cash machine and only then test it with traffic.

    When people do this the other way around they end up wondering why they lose time and money while others are banking hard.
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    It is important to track your site visitors, and only post comments on the sites that bring the most traffic and leads -- this is what I do. I use a combination of FB, blog comments and WF posts.

    I also optimize my content for the search engines, particularly Google. Do you?

    Also, the key element here is to target the right keyword, especially when doing YouTube marketing... nowadays it's quite "easy" to rank a YT clip with some back-links and keyword research done right, within days, if not hours...

    For keyword research, I highly recommend you go after "high volume - low competition"

    You should target keywords that get at least 1,000 unique local monthly queries (if you target the US market)... this applies if you do SEO and works for both sites/pages and video clips...

    Does it help?

    I'd like to know more from you, about what is it you're promoting -- what's your web site if you could share?

    We both know that one thing is to get 1 million visitors, and another thing is to convert them into cash or paying customers, isn't it?

    Originally Posted by missed View Post

    I'm using blog commenting , social media and youtube and only having 60-70 visitors daily ,not to mention 30 visitors for some days. I need a strategy to stick with that provide at least 500 views daily. Thanks for your time.
    You won't believe it!
    This NICHE made me $300,000...
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    Try out some free schemes like and share my content and get discount. Also you can try press release for your blog.
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    When free systems fall short, paid advertising will help you make the difference.

    Most people shy away from paid traffic, simply because you could lose a lot of money fast with it... But that is why it is important to make sure you have a good sales funnel in place, before going after the paid advertising.

    With a good sales funnel in place, paying for traffic will always lead to more profits.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA, PlattPublishing.com
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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    Definitely paid advertising will bring a lot of traffic, and fast. But, you need money. In my experience, blogging is effective. Also, you may check out some offline strategies. Be consistent, and blog daily. The traffic will come.
    -Cody Buehner
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    Thank you all for your replies, actually I'm promoting cell phones with contract , it's not my first time but I've stopped for a while , previously I had a constant rate of conversion near 2% of my visitors , I only brought my visitors from blog commenting , so my blog style is converting , what I need now to focus on traffic only .
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      Run your own blog and go guest blogging. That would help to bring in more traffic and you will see difference in conversion rate.

      For my website, I bring 800 - 1000 visitors a month(yes..a whole month) and most of the visitors will be turned to customers that is because of the product I have on my website. For mobile, there will be much more competition and you need to study your competitor almost daily and change your website at least once in a week.
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    It would be a bit hard for us to give you advice if we don't know at least the market you're into...I skimmed through the posts above me and didn't see it. Sorry if i missed it though..

    Anyway...some methods might work great for your niche and some might not work so well.

    How are you monetizing your traffic? That may need some tweaking as well.
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    This is the biggest probelm everyone face when you are having a site which is new. But marketing on various forums and good seo will solve your problem so you should keep marketing and keep adding contents on your site to make it better. Do remember to add more unique contents which are useful for your visitors.
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    MY niche is cell phones and tablets, I monetize by amazon affiliate , actually I pick the new offers .
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    Facebook would be a great way to get constant traffic if you have a large following. One guy I am facebook friends with has over 5000 Facebook Friends and constantly gets hundreds of hits per day with his blog posts. If you write about things that will help them I am sure they will read it.
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