Important of having backups

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I lost a lot of data recently because I did not have backups.

I lost lots of images, 42 unique articles, quite a few .zip files etc.

Where do you keep your backups?
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    Mostly I use a flash drive. I will also email certain things to my gmail and hotmail account for storage.
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    You can find some recipes to automatically backup different things like posts / images etc.

    Edit: Wrote this supposing that you wanted to backup things from your site.
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    I have a portable hard drive which I backup to as well as my laptop.

    Ricky Allen
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  • Profile picture of the author Gene Pimentel - never have to worry about backups. Automatically done, 24/7. It's important also that your backups are stored away from your location. Carbonite solves that as well.
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    For small files?

    I maintain backups in the cloud.

    My ability to work from the cloud (on my multiple devices) saves me a ton of time and multiplies my efficiency ten fold.

    For larger more important (and sensitive) files; like pictures, work stuff, videos? I keep local storage.

    Remember one thing about backups.

    Backup redundancy is a good thing.

    PS: For those worrying about backups... Just remember the IMPORTANT things.

    Your work files, your family photos.

    Everything else is replaceable.
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    Right now I am using 6 HDs on my PC, two old ones I just took out of a defunct laptop so I have two 200GB drives for backups.

    I am using EasyUS Todo Backup (free!) to make daily images now to two hard drives, just in case. One spare HD has an emergeny copy of Win7 so I can boot into it in case my main drive fails. (Why am I so paranoid? Because where I live we have constant power-outages causing problems and my SSD is also unreliable and craps out about every 6 months for some reason)

    Here are the recommended backup/cloning programs:

    EaseUS Todo Backup (free, it's really good and simple to use).
    Macrium Reflect (is about as good as EaseUS but I myself didn't try it yet), it's free also.
    Paragon Backup & Recovery, also a free version available.

    For my PCs, I always have ONE main drive (currently a SSD) which contains only the OS, it's a 64gb drive. This makes it easy to image the entire OS (Win7 etc.). Incremental backup every day only takes about 5 seconds.

    ++ The process also (obviously) requires to have bootable CDs/DVDs on-hand with those programs installed. (They all have such emergency CDs included which can be burnt on a CD or DVD).

    ALWAYS expect the worst case scenario, say, your PC is not bootable at all. In such a case even an online service would be rather useless, because how would you be able to "go online" with a un-bootable system?

    I also find those backup programs which require to boot to a "LiveDVD" first to make a backup nonsense. (Eg. "clonezilla" is one of those). I must be able to do backups at the same time while I work with Win7, without the requirement to boot into a CD/DVD to make a backup. A backup should NOT disrupt the entire daily process of working. My $0.02.
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    I use one Google Drive account for family pictures (upgraded to 100 GB), and one Google Drive account (free 5 GB) for my documents and anything business related.
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  • I know the feeling! I love me some dropbox! It integrates with a lot of services and has an app I use regularly. I even use it to stream some of my web videos.
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  • Thanks everyone for replies.

    Good news is, I managed to get back some of my unique articles from
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    Oh man, I swear I would just kill myself if I lost my data, lol. I have a lot of internet marketing related courses, pdfs, videos, etc. I save it all on my external hard drive, they are actually pretty cheap. If I were you, I would buy one... totally worth it.
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