Benefit of "List Buidling" "Squeeze page" ?

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Hey Warriors,

I really don't get what list building is. What's the benefit of list building, squeeze pages? Landing page? How you guys earn from list building and what tools and sites do i need to start.
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    You build a list of people who are interested in what you are offering, for example, a money making program. Then you can promote to these people over and over again with other money making programs in the future.
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    List building is one part of a sales funnel that allows you to communicate
    with subscribers via email.

    A Squeeze page is what captures your prospects email addresses.

    You could also call this a landing page.

    So you offer something of value for free in exchange for a persons email

    As soon as they enter their email address, you can offer them a paid product.

    This could either be an affiliate product or your own product.

    Either way you now have them stored on your email list using what is
    called an "Autoresponder".

    You can then keep on emailing them by providing valuable tips, strategies
    and other information that can help them get what they are after.

    Also you can recommend your products and other peoples products at the
    same time and make money that way.

    The main aim is to plan your Economics first and foremost.

    This means you need to plan exactly how much each subscriber is going
    to be worth to you before they enter your sales funnel.

    Then you start building your list using your squeeze page to capture those leads
    and then start allowing your emails to do all the relationship building and selling
    for you.

    This may sound a bit complicated at the moment but it is a lot easier to watch
    someone go through the whole process in a visual and step by step process rather
    than just explain it in a single post.

    Anyway glad to see you are looking at building a list.

    Just hope you stick with it and see great success with it.

    All the best
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    You're starting with the wrong mindset.

    The best squeeze page. The best offer.

    Do you know what you need?

    You need to know your target demographic better than anyone else does.

    You need to be able to COMMUNICATE with them better than anyone else can.

    Once you can do those two things; you'll be able to create a masterful funnel that creates relationships, presses the right buttons that ultimately results in a boatload of sales.

    Just my $.02.

    PS: Yeah squeeze pages are great. But the psychology is more important than the technology, layout, fancy appearance, etc.

    Psychology wins.
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      Its probably best to reverse think it a little.
      Come up with a solution that will solve a problem that many people are facing.
      You can find plenty of ideas on a forum such as this.
      Research this issue on google, or youtube , or forums.
      Then create a short report or video that explains in your own style, how to solve the problem.

      You give this away when people sign up to your squeeze page, thus building your list.

      If you continue to offer valuable info, your list will begin to know like and trust you. This is when you can make sales of affiliate products, (or your own) for a commission, just by sending an email to your list, explaining the added benefits of the product.
      Hope this helps

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      Brian Oliver
      The Honest Marketer

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    So what type of website do i need to start list building?

    can anyone show me a sample website for list building and promoting click bank products.
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      Okay, one of the rules of the forum is not to post links. Why not click a few signature links, and see the types of squeeze pages, and the sales funnels being used.
      I use OptimizePress to build mine

      [FREE TRAFFIC HACK] The Secret Money Project
      Brian Oliver
      The Honest Marketer

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    List building is the process of building up a mailing list in order to make money.
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    I don't think squeeze pages work as well anymore, besides who wants a list of freebie seekers?

    I'd just focus on selling your products starting with something low cost on the front end.
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    the old school method of butterfly marketing still works today if you do it correctly.

    create valuable content on a subject that you're passionate about, and then place the download inside a membership site. In order for someone to consume the content they must join your site and give you an email address to gain access.

    During the sign-up process you can then make the customer who has the same passion on your chosen subject can be made an offer for advanced training or extra content.

    Ultimately the key thing is to build up your brand and expertise by giving away something of real value. If you just set up a cookie cutter template with the same pdf of "How To Make Money Online" then you'll just get a list of robots who don't actually do anything.

    If you put time and effort into listbuilding then good things can happen.
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    You can use squeeze pages for any business. It doesn't have to be just some crap free product. If you offer value you will build a valuable list.

    I sell list building as adding value to any business. The list is an asset for the business. If the business is a local shop, online, whatever...having a marketing list of customers and potential customers adds value to it. And it's an easy and cost-effective way to pull traffic to your site and place of business.

    Don't just limit it to squeeze pages. Use your site, facebook, and any advertising to build the list.
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      When you have someone in your list then you can contact that person as long as you have them subscribed. You can also promote different products. If you setup autoresponder emails then most of your work is already done, you just need to concentrate on getting the right traffic to your squeeze page.
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